Exactly as the title says – a whole new world of 3D printing has opened up to me with the arrival of my new resin printer!

I have updated the WHAT IS 3D PRINTING page to give a simplified explanation of how resin based 3D printing works – but briefly, a resin printer has a reservoir of liquid polymer into which a vertically moving build plate dips – a UV light shines through the (clear) base of the reservoir and the light exposure hardens the resin in the selected area, building up the model one dip (or layer) at a time.  

However you don’t need to know how it works to see the wonderful new things I can produce with it! I feel like a kid in a candy store not knowing which to pick next! 

After printing the test/calibration file supplied with the printer (and being blown away with the model it produced!) I started with some experiments based files produced for my old filament spool printer (explanation on WHAT IS 3D PRINTING) and compared the differences. With my old printer, no matter how good the print, there was always a great deal of ‘clean up’ time as filament printers are very prone to showing the lines of layers that build them up – I was staggered to see that this was not the case with the resin printer and I could virtually paint the model straight off the printer!

Delighted with my progress I then worked on files which were difficult to print using my old system, and then moved on to things I had only dreamed of printing but thought would be impossible!

Pictured above: You can see the build plate with a complete macaw birdcage on the build plate (upside down!) which has been dipped in the reservoir of resin below, building up the print (and supports) layer by layer. The picture which looks like a weird chess piece is the test print which comes installed on the printer ready to print – its hard to see but the crispness of the detail is staggering, including the double helix running down the centre of the hollow shape! But most amazing of all are the wine glasses I have been printing this week – not bad for a first go!

The pictures below show the production sequence for a bird column on the resin printer…

– on the build plate over the reservoir with support strucure, supports removed and (after washing) the resin is cured ready to paint.

Pictured below are just a few of my first prints, test prints and new products – more will follow later and I will be adding more on the  JUST FINISHED page, and the NEWS BLOG soon!

Pictured above: New cook doll with lovely face hands and feet! Chess tables with printed chess sets and wine glasses, bird columns and new macaw birdcage – even the macaw and swing it sits on is resin printed! The washstand sets are individually hand painted to match each bedroom. The wine glasses were an early print just to see if I could make them – and I can! I have even successfully printed broken eggshells – more on that later!

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