Welcome to the latest post about the newest 3D printing projects of Julie Jackson

I have been having loads of fun developing something that combines my two favourite things – 3D printing and making lights!

I have several commissions to make pairs of ‘Torchere’ floor standing candelabrum. They usually take the form of a figure – either cherub, ancient roman/greek lady or exotic arab/african or fantasy creature and can be in all gold, black and gold or white china with hand painted colour details (and gold!) The one pictured on the here is an Itallian antique one.

I am making good progress with the figures and have combined them with Corinthian style column plinths – I will then top them with 3 arm candelabra fittings to make working lights.

I started by not having the confidence to combine all the elements into one, and also trying out other figures before settling with the two final ones.

Of course it wasn’t all plain sailing to get to the stage I’m at now, and one of the reasons I initially didn’t have the confidence to print the figure and base together is pictured below!

In case you can’t recognise what it is… it’s a snapped off cherubs head stuck to the print head of my printer!

Watch this space for more news as they progress!

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