So I was aiming for an August update and stuff got in the way!

Show season has kicked in, and after Kensington in September, Miniatura in October and Pudsey last week I’m beginning to think its just like old times! 
   But its not quite… we are all having to adjust to being a bit more careful when we are at events and masks are still the norm, but hopefully we are at a halfway house and will have a new normal soon.


But the new normal I’m talking about is not is not just about our behaviour at shows, but how my business is run and affected by changes in the wider world – what visitors at shows may not realise is that just like supermarkets – our supplies of furniture and accessories are being hit and it can be really difficult just to find furniture before the process of creating a finished suite can begin. Its taking a lot of extra time to source alternatives and replacements, not to mention rocketing stress levels and shipping costs when you find them!
   However, as I have mentioned before, necessity is the mother of invention, and I am finding inventive and creative solutions to my supply dilemmas. So over the coming months you will see changes in the shape of some of my stock pieces, like bedrooms and dressers, which will be sourced from new suppliers. I am also starting to create my own 3D printed pieces of furniture, and also creating parts to enable me to create furniture – which actually is quite exciting and means that more of my base furniture will be 100% exclusive!

Every cloud has a silver lining!

The new Silver Duchess bedroom (above) is a case in point. The original furniture has been discontinued because my supplier can no longer get it from their supplier. My solution is to find something else that I can make into something like the original (pictured below).

So despite being hamstrung with supply problems, I have been busy and have a few new things to add to the INSPIRATION/JUST FINISHED page as well as my website SHOP!

New Jesmond Buffet to match dining suites £59
New Masons Buffet to match dining suites £59
New Bedford buffet in several different colours £79
Bessie the cook has been pie making! £69
Victor is a cheeky chappy £69
George is reading the newspaper very carefully £69
New Monet kitchen round table and four chairs. Its time for cake - the ironing can wait! £79
New monet short dresser in the mix and match shades of the monet kitchen at Giverney £39
Bessie £69 and her pie look great next to a short dresser £39
Claudette helping to make a cake looks great next to a cake making table! £29
The Goveness sold out before I could finish this blog! £79
Portland fireplace with exclusive ornaments and clock £89
The Portland electric fire is 3D printed to my own design - which also means no supply problems!
Geoffrey's Bric-A-Brac His sign says he buys tat and sells antiques - the ultimate recycler!
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