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Its been a strange few weeks – both in the world at large and here at Dee-Daw Towers!
I’ll ignore commenting on the rest of the world though and just concentrate on my own little bit.
   I’ve had a tricky few weeks as my 3D printer has broken down and I have been going demented trying to a) find out what the problem was and b) trying to get it fixed and c) trying to get myself back into my printing ‘groove’ with the printer returned to where it was before it broke down!
   I think of all of these C has been the biggest problem. I’ll discuss this more on my 3D print blog later, but the good news I am nearly back to running as normal after about 5 weeks of (not) printing misery!
   The good news is that I had  quite a few pieces ready to start before it went kaput! so in between trying to sort things out I have been able to produce a few things!

As you can see from the pictures above I have managed to make some torcheres – which I had just started last time I posted. I also made use of the test figures I printed and created some flower arrangement stands. I also made an extra set of Torchere figures which I have just added to the LIGHTING section of the Dee-Daw shop.

Of course I have been busy doll making too… and the ladies above are just some of my recent commissions. Left to Right – introducing: Betty the maid with tea tray, Emma the ladies maid, Bessie the cook with apple pie and Dolly the laundry maid!

This custom version of the Harewood fireplace is in yellow to match the room decor and has an additional separate overmantle mirror.

The overmantle is one of my new large picture frames that I make, and I will be adding some to my wall fillers (pictures!) section of the shop soon.

The above – based on my Europa fireplace was quite an interesting commission as it was to match the Coulson dining suite I had created. Using the same colours and custom design china. The dining suite (created earlier this year) is pictured below.

This beautiful tea table set was a joy to do! The table that came with the furniture had a tiny top which was totally impractical for the amount of things I wanted to get on it, so I made a new top and packed it out!

But enough with the ‘Here’s one I made earlier’…. Right now I am trying to get my commissions list back on track after the 3D print hiccup (I really didn’t realise how much I now rely on it until I didn’t have it!) and I am trying to get some new articles and pictures on the website along with some new stock.
   I have just added quite a few new bits to to the shop and will be adding more over the next week once the paint is dry! 
   As everyone seems to be getting ready for Christmas, I have decided to make my next set of print & make downloads will be Christmas themed – I will mail out as soon as I have added the sheet to the downloads page (got to make it yet!)
    in the meantime give me a broom as they say!…..  

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