A very large rustic kitchen table in a wood finish

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This rustic wooden finish table is ideal for the kitchens of larger houses and is packed both above and below!

The cook is cutting slices off a rolled beef joint, and has accumulated all the essentials for making dinner around herself.  The rest of the workspace is taken up with a carrots on a balance scale dish, dish of diced steak which is in the process of going through the mincer bolted onto the side of the table, and a large fresh cabbage (still with mud on it!) and some parsnips to the right of the beef joint. The rest of the table is filled with cans packets and ingredient jars, cutlery and cloths.

The shelf below is packed out with larger items – packed crates, large tins, and packets.

All the beef joints, slices, and vegetables were made by me for these tables, as were many of the other accessories including the packets, tins and stoneglaze items. Glass jars are hand filled and labeled.

This dresser is made to go with the new rustic kitchen narrow and wide dressers also in wood and will be joined by more new pieces soon. It will also work well with the Gunmetal black stove also available in the shop.


 Measurements: 140mm long x 60mm high x 65mm deep



Green, Cream

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