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20/07/2020 I have updated the JUST FINISHED section on the INSPIRATION page but wanted to expand on the pieces shown. The first is a Wedgewood china version of my Harewood fireplace. I love the classic blue and white of Wedgewood china and the style of the Harewood fireplace ties in to period beautifully – so I was really pleased to get the commission. I found it a bit of a challenge to paint the urns but think they’ve come out really well, and I’d love to do more – so if you like Wedgewood you know where to come!

The Wedgewood urns are my 3D printed ones I use for stock but painted in matt blue and white to look like 18th century style pieces.

I love my job! I also love Limoges China, so this garniture, made for the fireplace below, let me go mad with the blue and gold paint! All 5 pieces are 3D printed.

The finished fireplace with Limoges style garniture.
The overmantle for the Limoges fireplace is also my own design and 3D printed
To find out about the ELEPHANT CLOCK take a look at the 3D printing blog on the 3D HOT SPOT page in the INSPIRATION section
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