Welcome to my first blog – I have no idea what a blog is, but am assured that a) this is one and b) all good websites have one!

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10 JULY 2020 – So, the big news for my first post is this site! 
   I had to take a time off from making orders, as I needed to move my website or loose it (my old website host was closing down it’s hosting business) so I just had to bite the bullet and get it done.
   I am really pleased with the results and am sooooo happy to have a working shop AT LAST! (Although it would have been nice to have more stock available to put in it!) 

This is a picture of the No Sew, Sewing room mini project (see the MAKES & ADVICE section of the website)

Of course, this is a work in progress and I have only had a three weeks to create a brand new website from scratch with little in the way of computer skills to do it (I’d like to thank my wonderful hubby for his help at this point!) I am getting there, but only have one pair of hands – so please stick with me until I get fully up and running with it.

In creating the new website I set out to make something that would be a one-stop shop for dolls house lovers everywhere, with plain speaking and honest advice with an interesting, if not Heath Robinson approach to problem solving! With fun projects to make and interesting background articles (see the RANDOM THOUGHTS page) – Basically I set out to create a website I would want to visit time and again.

So take your seats and settle down to enjoy the all new Dee-Daw Designs website experience!

One of the most fun parts to make was the The Gallery page, featuring themed albums of pictures from my last 10 years of making miniatures. I never realised I had made so many things! More albums will follow soon – I need a Theatre Royal gallery and I think some of the pictures from the shows I attend would be fun too (even if its just nostalgia for pre Covid -19 times!)

The most interactive section has to be the makes and advice – I have started up a new ASK JULIE page because I have so many people getting in touch to chat over their (miniature) problems – I love it, and its great to give back by posting the most interesting ones on the Q&A page – it lets you know you are not alone and other people out there are having the same problems!

I am looking forward to putting more MINI PROJECTS on – and especially with FREE downloads so you can print and make the accessories yourself -although I still have to get my finger out and add the downloads for the No sew, sewing scene! (and with my spare hand as they say..)


Quick Tour...

Take a look below at just some of the things you can find on the new site. This random selection shows pieces of stock, commission pieces projects and a chandelier!

Other News...

Apart from working on the new website I have been incredibly busy since lockdown hit and people turned to doing their dolls houses. A combination of big orders from dealers in America and a rush to buy in lockdown, (you’d think I was selling loo rolls!) means that although I have a shiny new shop I have little stock left to go in it – and little time to make more as I work my way through my orders list! However – I am starting to make headway and will gradually build up the shop stock over time until it is full to bursting (in my dreams!) – If something you like in the shop is out of stock you can click a button to receive an email when its available again.

My love/hate relationship continues with my 3D printer now that I make all my own dolls, the range is ever expanding – See the SHOP/PEOPLE page for my current crowd! I am also branching into Dresden China style chandeliers and light fittings, and hope soon to expand my range of accessories to include ornament sets. There is a 3D printing GALLERY page and a whole section dedicated to it on the INSPIRATION page.

SHOWS: at the moment I cannot confirm I will be attending any shows in 2020. If the lockdown easing continues and shows get the green light I plan to attend York and Kensington in November. The Autumn Miniatura show has yet to confirm if it is happening (I expect to hear at the end of August). However I am taking part in the Kensington Online show later this month. (See below).

SPECIAL 10% off shop OFFER...

The Organisers of the Kensington Dollshouse festival are creating an online show (11am on Friday 17th July until 5pm on Sunday 19th July). I am taking part in this, with a page on the show site. I am offering all show visitors a 10% off coupon for ANY purchase of stock items in the new Dee-Daw Designs online shop. Simply visit the Dee-Daw page on the showcase website, get the coupon, and shop! Visit: and look for the online showcase event.

So there it is, my first blog over and done with, thanks for tuning in to the show, I’m off now to finish the website pages I’ve not done yet, make commissions, make stock, and if you give me a brush…..

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