After my last couple of shows for this season (my next show is September – like the kids I have broken up for the summer!) I have treated myself to spending some time on my website – since I spent the last few weeks making stock (and I only have one pair of hands!) But the good news is I have new stock, I have revisited some retired pieces and have plans for my next new pieces…

 That’s one of the best things about shows, its a great way of testing out new ideas, talking about new products with customers and for looking at what other people are doing (or not doing – and spotting an unexplored niche!)
   So many people seem to be doing vintage French style at the moment, so I think its a good time to reintroduce my Chateau Chic range – I did them a few years ago in cream and green, but my new range is now cream and pale blue. The cream and green range was produced pre 3D printer, so the new range can now feature all the things I wanted to do previously, as I can make all the accessories myself and hand paint the borders on the plates. I had a big push before York show and managed to make a banqueting table, buffets, dresser and a new, fully 3D printed, working grandfather clock (see the website shop for more details and 3D blog for more about the clock).

Another revisited piece (after several requests), is the Snooker set – it comes complete with table (with balls positioned for a game in progress) plus wall mounted cue rack/scoreboard and two players.

    And speaking of new products – my new RUSTIC kitchen range, was launched it at Miniatura in March. I tweaked it a little, and expanded the range for Kensington and York. The sink dresser is one of my star products, and it was great to chat with Ria from the Netherlands who bought one, about additions to the range – I am now working on some base units and dressers with cupboards and drawers thanks to her suggestions!

 …Talk about life imitating art – one of my ‘regulars’ was bought one of my new potting benches by her Dad – with the intention that he use it as a blueprint for her real life one! This new piece has also undergone some revision since Kensington, and I now make the whole piece of furniture (from wood and printed parts – I will update the 3D printing blog about this) as well as 3D printing the plant pots, watering cans, seed trays, crates, cans and packets!

      When I started to write this blog I went a bit off piste onto the people I met at the shows – and this now a RANDOM THOUGHTS article (find it under the inspiration tab). As well as going off piste on the news, I have also taken some time to catch up my GALLERY section with more recent work, and I’ve added a new page to the MAKES & ADVICE section called HOW TO… the first article is on the inside of the doors of Featherstone Hall. More will follow on things like how to create the optical illusions used in the hotel and how to divide large rooms….

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