I first came across this saying years ago, and it has stuck with me because its so true!

24/06/21 As mentioned on the 3D Hotspot page, I have been hit with shortages of best quality and unusual shaped furniture to complete commissions with, and so have been working on developing my own library of pieces I can print.

The first to come to fruition was a dressing table to go in a house for Queen Marie Antoinette and had to be as over the top as possible to fit into the surroundings. I created a file for the base of the table, which was printed on its back with supports in place for the fragile legs, then printed separately three frames and combined them together to make the triple mirror. The stool is a smaller version of the dressing table leg section with a padded silk top.

NOTE: The best laid plans…..I had planned to show a step by step series of pictures of the dressing table creation, and took loads of photos along the way, but unfortunately forgot to check the memory card was in the camera and got nothing for my pains!

The finished dressing table, mirror and stool was painted in colours to match the room it was going in.
The dresser was finished with loads of accessories and and two double candle holders .
The dressing table on the printer - the material between the legs are printed supports.
The legs are easier to view with the supports removed, then the hard work starts of cleaning up, painting and gilding!


Following on from my last blog post, I have made some suitcases as shop stock – £39 for a set of six, added pictures to my new LARGE picture frames £29 each,  and been experimenting with colours on the ornaments on my one -off Corinthian buffet in pink and white with decorative panels £89

The next 3d Printed pieces I’ll be working on will be torcheres for stock and dolls for commissions and stock – all of which are printed – just need to do the fancy bit!

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