Its a bit late in the month for a June post – but I’ve been busy!

In fact I have so busy I have had to create a whole new page on my website to cover all the new pieces I have been making! Cunningly called JUST FINISHED – you can find it in the INSPIRATION section

(Click on the word INSPIRATION at the top of this page and you’ll see it!


This is my first fully 3D printed piece of furniture - read more about it on the 3D printing blog.

Not only have I been busy making stock and commission pieces but I have also updated some of the gallery pages (as well as making the new JUST FINISHED page! Here are just a few of the new bits and pieces….

Commission - Art Deco Dresser with bronze, Ivory and onyx statues
Blyth Fireplace back in stock, with electric lights and fire (£67)
One-off White and Pink buffet (£89) based on the Corinthian Yellow and mahogany shop stock
Suitcase sets now available to buy in the website shop £39 for six mixed sizes
Large framed pictures Now available to buy £29 each (different pictures available - this one is Queen Anne).
This Cragside bedroom went out as soon as it was finished - but I am working on another right now (and with my spare hand!)
Commission round table to match customers other Blue and white pieces, showing a break in the ironing for tea and cake!
Commission green kitchen dining table with chairs.

This white dresser with flower arrangement and pink china has just been added to the website shop (£99).

Looking forward to Christmas (Yes Really!) For me I seem to be working on Christmas themed pieces at any time of the year, and I am currently working on a series of items for a Santa’s Workshop room box. I have just completed the workbench below and a matching work trolley, what makes this set a little different is the Scandinavian folk art style painted decoration I have put on the legs of the bench and all over the trolley. The next piece in the set is a bookcase/dresser to stand on the back wall packed with toys and ‘stuff’ – watch this space!

One of my favourite bits is the little green dragon standing on Santa's paintbocx on the trolley, although......
...I am most pleased with the half carved nutcracker on the bench with shavings and carving tools.

I could go on with more of this months highlights, but I’ll leave it at that for now – and don’t forget if anything shown takes your fancy and you want your own version get in touch for a chat!

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