Your first stop to see the very latest in  shop stock and commission pieces – and they are so fresh the paint’s still wet! NEWEST STUFF AT THE TOP – Scroll down for previous updates.

30/03/2024  Its been so busy since the start of the year that I’ve not had time to update this page – However here are a few brand new items I have just added to the website shop…

NEW 1886 motorised Tricycle with tools - the garage workbench is listed separately
NEW Chateau Chic dining set for six follows the banqueting table set for 8 and features resin printed chairs, plates, glasses and table centres
NEW Walter reading the newspaper and below NEW Roman the grumpy old codger!

Other new items include a shoe cleaning workbench with Thomas cleaning shoes available separately, several different versions of Bessie the cook, the Rothbury single bedroom (with resin printed washstand accessories) and the new Tivoli dining suite set for six.

6/10/2023  With the first show of the Autumn/winter season over (Miniatura) I finally have time to update this page with all the things I have been making over the last month or so!

I have expanded my workbench range to include not only the Potting and Garage workshop benches and new Carpenters workbench, but also Bob who will go alongside any of them and still look part of the scene!
   In his grubby hands are an oil can and hammer so he could be doing anything.
   All are now in stock in the website shop.
Bob now stands happily amongst the workshop benches - The perfect start to any man cave project!

Of all the workbenches the carpenters has to be my favourite – as the daughter and grand daughter of carpenters I grew up with the smell of freshly cut wood as a constant – and this particular bench is based on the one in my grandads shed – complete with curly wood shavings and sawdust!

Once again the new Chateau Chic range proved a sell out success at the show -especially with the new exclusive Banqueting Buffet piece of furniture to acompany it. I also made a version of the banqueting table set for 6 which also sold out at the show - but watch this space I will be making more!

Both the mahogany and new Chateau Chic versions of the extra long Banqueting Buffet proved popular at the show. It is especially made to go along the wall beside a banqueting table. The mahogany version can be made in any of my stock tableware designs to match any of my banqueting tables – and can be made to order if you already have a table! Both are listed in the website shop.

I have restocked my kitchen section with stoves sinks and tables…

The large cream kitchen table is now in stock in the website shop.

The Large cream table with ham and cheese is one of my favourites – especially as I made the basket, breads, cheeseboard and plate with boiled ham myself (as well as most of the contents of the shelf underneath!

The short dresser with tea making is a new addition to the range and features a ‘Quick cuppa’ scene complete with copper kettle, teapot, freshly poured tea and a couple of cakes!

Its nice to see how the pieces sit together as a room set before I pack them away and head off to a show!

The website shop has been  restocked with the  green range too –  including stoves sinks and tables and some dressers.

The new Rustic range in wood and delft, was briefly expanded to include a stove – but it sold before I had even set my stand up! I will be making more as this was the first stove I had made myself from scratch and love it! I am also thinking about doing a much larger wider stove – watch this space!

I think the Rustic range looks stunning when set up as a room, and I will be expanding the range soon to include my own scratch built dresser.

Pictured above are just a few pieces of the new rustic range now available in the website shop.

The new Wedgewood fireplace features a set of urns and matching clock in the distinctive Jasperware style. The new Portland fireplace now features a gilt club fender on the hearth. Both feature working electric coal effect fires and are available in the website shop.

…And not forgetting the small stuff! This new square card proved a hit and earned its place beside the chess tables, tea and cigar trollies!

Like everything I do – its quite busy – set for four players who are smoking, drinking and betting with both chips and gold coins.

…and finally, to go with the new Chateau Chic working clock, I have designed and produced the Pagoda Chinoiserie  clock. Like the Chateau Chic clock I 3D print the clock case, install a working clock face and decorate it – in the case Of the Pagoda clock I hand paint all of the chinoiserie panels in red Ivory and gold.

7/06/2023  Back from York – my last show of the season (Next one September!) and just getting my act together before jumping into my commissions list – LOL

I had a big push before the show to produce some pieces in my new Chateau Chic range, and I’m glad I did as nearly all of it sold at the show – so I will be building the range over the summer. I did used to produce some Chateau Chic pieces years ago in green and cream – but this new range is in pale blue and cream. One of my favourite pieces is the grandfather clock as it is the first one I have designed and 3D printed. (I will be writing more about its production and development in my 3D printing blog)

The Chateau Chic range is inspired by the exuberant french style of the 18th century, in particular by Le Petit Trianon palace attached to
Versailles. The decoration is light and colourful but with less of the
gilded baroque of Versailles. The top, sides and fronts of the furniture and clock a swell as the plates all feature the distinctive and exclusive Chateau Chic 18th century style garden scene with two lovers strolling through. plates are hand painted in blue and gold.
Clock £59 Buffet £89 banqueting suite £169

Something else I have not had in stock for a long time is a snooker set. This set includes the table, wall mounted scoreboard and cue rack plus two players, one waiting to play and one thinking about his next shot. Snooker set £169

After the success at Kensington of my new Banquet Buffet I created another to go with my Jesmond Banqueting table. I just love the fact that the buffet is the same length as the table. The sad thing is I used my last swan to make the centrepiece ice sculpture – I had been hoarding the two I bought years ago for something special, and now I have used them and they both sold first time out! Guess I am going to have to see where I can get hold of some more because I love doing this piece! SOLD at York Show

Another thing I am really into at the moment is Chinoiserie. I love doing the hand painted panels down the front and sides of the new grandfather clocks – and it makes the start of a collection with the grand Piano I also do.

Both clocks sold at York show and the pianos at Miniatura and Kensington so its a dead cert I will be making more soon!

Chinoiserie Grand piano £89

Grandfather clock £59

17/05/2023  Back from Kensington and just regrouping before York show in a few weeks time! Just about got time to load on what I’ve been doing before making more – LOL

As mentioned elsewhere I have expanded the new RUSTIC kitchen range to now include a small table to go with the sink dresser, stove, wide dresser narrow dresser large table and short dresser. I will soon be adding a new couple of dressers and base units with cupboards so watch this space!

Some of my first pieces in the new RUSTIC range - visit the website shop to see current stock

The bookcase desks (£89) are back in stock and making a rare appearance in the website shop as I usually make them just before a show and they sell out (but this time I made extra!) A couple of pieces that sit well with the bookcase desk are the bar buffet £89(complete with cigar box, crystal ashtray and punch bowl) and the new black chess table (£39) with game in progress plus drinks and ashtray for the players.


Had a bit of a Fireplace fest for Kensington and made a determined effort to get them back in stock with a few one offs made from bits from my ‘specials’ box I’d been saving!

Both the Wedgewood (£99) and Iron Duke (£89) fireplaces were one offs for the show – but I liked them so much I will be making more – email me if you would like to go on the waiting list for one.


I am trying to build up my stocks of vehicles as well as expanding my range of workbenches to include the new potting bench (which sold out at the show – more stock soon) and the carpenter’s workbench. I also have another Bakery truck in progress, to be followed by a ‘Geoffreys bric-a-brac’

RUSTY AND RESTORATION READY - STANLEY STEAMER £139 (does not include workbench)
RUSTY AND RESTORATION READY - ROLLS ROYCE £139 (does not include workbench - available separately)

22/03/23   Its been a while since my last update – Ive just been so busy! But I am back from Miniatura and taking a few days to catch up on these sorts of things – and what a bumper selection it is! Some of the pieces below are already marked for my ‘Best of 2023’ gallery page (once I have got my ‘Best of 2022’ gallery done! )

So starting with my most recent just finished pieces – the new RUSTIC kitchen range will available on the website shop soon – as just a quickly as I can make it – the pieces above sold out at the show. Email me to be notified just before I add them to the shop.

The sink has to be my favourite piece so far with its Delft tile splashback and collection of china. The full range includes dressers and tables as well as a stove.

ABOVE: The stove is metallic black with antique brass fittings and the stove door opens to show a lit fire and turkey roasting on a rack.

ABOVE AND BELOW: I am really pleased to extend my lighting range from the Gold and Meissen china 6 arm chandeliers to the matching electric 3 arm torcheres and now the cherub columns. I make all of these pieces and hand paint them – each item is unique. (The Cherub columns and torchere figures on their bases are 3D printed before decorating – see the 3D printing section for more information.)

Black & Gold Torchere pair £149, Gold Chandelier £129, Black & Gold Cherub column £69 each
Meissen style china Torchere pair £189, Meissen chandelier £199, Meissen Cherub column £69 each.

My range of workbenches has been extended with a new potting bench, a garage bench with small cupboards and a  carpenters workbench – the woodworking bench shown is actually a commission one – as I forgot to photograph the stock one and it sold at the show!I am particularly pleased with the potting bench which features my own 3D printed plant pots, seed trays and watering cans! (more on this in the 3D printing section of the website).

Workbeches are around £99 each and are available in the VEHICLES section of the website shop. Custom ones can be made to order.

Its great to have the Sage Dining suite back in stock with a matching buffet – The ornaments are all 3D printed and hand painted to match the my exclusive plate design, with seats upholstered in a two tone green regency stripe. Sage table, contents and chairs £99. Sage buffet with contents £79.

The Coulson dining suite features 3D printed and hand painted ornaments to match the hand painted blue and gilt banding on the plates.

The Coulson dining suite of table, contents, and chairs – including two carvers, is available in the website shop £119. The buffet is also available £79.

This model T Ford bakery truck features custom graphics and is packed out, as well as extra baskets and crates of pies and breads (I am quite into the new crates and baskets I 3D print, and its great packing them out with home made -of course!- bakery goods). (SOLD)

…And finally these last two pieces always make me smile – the naughty little girl has just scooped a goldfish from the bowl on the table and it drips in the net while she works out what to do with it! (SOLD)
The new black chess table sold out at the show but more will follow in the website shop soon – I just love the ashtray with cigarette butts, ash and used spills – £39.

06/12/22  With my last show of the autumn season over I now have time to load all the pictures of my ‘ just finished’ pieces to this page!

These two PAGODA cabinets (£79 each) are one-offs (even though there’s two of them!) as they are a couple of discontinued cabinets which I have customised and filled with three chinese ladies and floral arrangements in the mirror backed glazed case. Available in the website shop

BAXTER CLEANING SHOES is one of my favourite pieces of the year and comes with the table of shoes to be cleaned and cleaning products (£129) Again he is one of a discontinued range I had bought and stashed in my specials box waiting for the right idea to hit me for him! Available in the website shop

Its great to have chandeliers in stock again! this gold pair match the black and gold torcheres – but the only chance I got to photograph them together was on my stand at the Kensington show (the day after I finished them!) – then the torcheres flew off to a new home in a (1:12 scale) bridal shop to stand either side of the podium that the bride stands on when trying on her dress.

The Chandeliers are available in the website shop £129 each and will soon be joined by another pair of Black and gold torcheres!

This Walnut working clock £49 is a new style with ebony banding and stringing inspired by one I saw in a museum in Bristol. (SOLD)
This Morris bedroom suite (£129) was inspired by the Arts & Crafts movement and the work of William Morris and Augustus Pugin who designed the Houses of Parliament. (SOLD)
This Paisley single bedroom is ideal for a town house bedroom or a servants room, and comes with electric lamp and hand painted china and accessories (£99) Available in the website shop
This NEW version of the Hexham bedroom suite uses the last of my fabric in this pattern and features mink furniture, with pink sheets and pale blue and pink bedcover and panels on the furniture with hand painted pink and gold details £129 - Available in the website shop
I’ve been experimenting again with some kitchen ideas and have produced some more pieces in the wooden range – wide dresser £69 large table £69 narrow dresser £49 as well as giving some old favourites a tweak – this large turkey prep table features more of my own handmade veg, plus a roasting tin of stuffing balls £64 All are available in the website shop

This kitchen island unit was a challenge from a customer who had no idea what to do with it, I have to say I love it and am looking at adding something similar to my stock range! – COMMISSION

I have a bit of a thing for bar buffets and I think these two are a couple of the best I’ve made so far. One was a commission and the other sold at Kensington. But no doubt when the right bit of furniture crosses my path there will be more of them on the Just finished page!

The extra long banqueting buffet with swan ice sculpture, was another one off piece of furniture  I came across and stashed till the right idea hit me – SOLD
   In addition the chess tables (£34 each)and trollys with cigars or afternoon tea (£39 each), I now have a couple of one-off tea and cigar tables (not both on the same table!) £29 each

This cute corner unit was originally unloved and pale pink – I renovated it and painted it in a European folk art style and dressed it with early English Delft style china I designed for this piece  – COMMISSION

The Broken down 1911 Stanley Steamer is always a favourite to do and sold with its mechanic holding the wheel at Kensington.

The Dresden cabinet contains a selection of hand painted porcelain ornaments in the style of the Dresden factory of the 18th century. The cabinet is glazed on three sides and mirror backed, featuring picture panels on each side three drawers to the front and decorative gilt details – SOLD

As well as bars I also have a thing for bookcases at the moment (I have a couple of georgian breakfront versions I am currently working on – watch this space)All the books are individually hand painted which takes a bit of time, but is quite theraputic to do!

The two pictured are the latest finished ones – the version with ornaments was a commision, and the larger one is my new stock style and is available in the website shop £99

09/10/22  Its been a while since I added pictures to the JUST FINISHED page, because I have been going full tilt making stock for Miniatura and trying to get Featherstone Hall back together for its 10th(ish) Anniversary! However I have finally managed to get my act together and heres the latest….

So apart from making stock to fill the big red stand at the show, and trying to find, fix and fettle the house…..

Dining rooms and Banqueting tables are now back in stock, with complete dining table sets (and chairs with all contents, set for 6) from £99 and and banqueting tables (with chairs and all contents set for 8) £149. Designs include Masons (royal blue and red), Sage (pale green with floral centre), Imperial Fruit (gold with fruit centres), Jesmond (Floral) and Coulson (pale Blue)

Matching buffets and cabinets are also now back in stock, Prices start at £59 Designs include Masons (royal blue and red), Sage (pale green with floral centre), Imperial Fruit (gold with fruit centres), Jesmond (Floral) and Coulson (pale Blue)

The green and cream kitchen ranges ahve been expanded with coloured body stoves £89 and Queen Mary dressers packed with china £89

Cake buffet’s £89 and Cigar Trolleys £39 – ultimate his and hers?

Gentlemans desk £59, garage workbench £99 and NEW Black Chinoiserie piano £89. The hand painted Black grand piano instantly sold out at the show,  but I have stock in to do more – email me if you want to go on the list for ‘first dibs’ when they are back in stock!

07/08/22  Just a quickkie to show the latest comissions and stock finished….

This special commission car not only included the three custom made dolls (pluss the shopping!) but a paint job to turn the car from green to cream - themed to stand outside a bridal shop where the bride and her mother had been trousseau shopping.
Another piece with a confirmed slot in the BEST OF 2022 gallery is this Chinoiserie style grand piano which I hand painted, based on photos of a real one – featuring chinese landscapes and pagodas.

The NEW LIBRARY units are now in stock packed with individually hand painted books £99 Find them in the SHOP: DESKS & MUSIC section

The Library units look great alongside the Bookcase desks £89 in the SHOP: DESKS & MUSIC section

EMMA the ladies maid is back in  stock in the SHOP : PEOPLE section.

This Sage Tea for two set can be found in the SHOP : DINING section £69

25/06/22  Last show of the season is done, and now its time to focus on making shop stock and commissions – here’s a few things just recently completed…

This has to be my favourite four poster ever! Its a ‘Princess and the pea’ bed and comes complete with matching ladder and crystal dish of peas and pea pods to go on the bedside table. It was made as a commission piece – the bed was created from scratch and topped with a selection of teal, gold and ivory matresses, throws and quilts in silks and velvets, with hand painted head and footboard – complete with pictures of a pair of cherubs sitting in the clouds.

Speaking of making things from scratch… I am always making new accessories to go on my kitchen range of pieces, and have started making my own 3D printed baskets, cast iron casseroles and wooden crates.

You can see above the first few baskets crates and cast iron casseroles. And after painting and filling they look great on the kitchen dressers.

Above you can see the whole effect on the Queen Mary dresser and the crate squeezed into the bottom shelf of the compact sink (both now in stock in the website shop).

Above: Just a few of the kitchen items together – including the Deluxe stove with lit oven and turkey roasting inside, large kitchen table with shepherds pie, Queen Mary Dresser, Narrow dresser and compact sink. (All are available in the website shop)

More items back in the shop stock are the large beef tables, Wide dressers with china and small tables.

From the kitchen to the dining room… I have been busy trying to restock on buffets and cabinets and have made a start with this one-off cakes buffet made from one of my vintage pieces I hold in stock for something special – I was feeling ‘cakey’ and it spoke to me!
   I think it would look great in a tea room or restaurant setting as it is packed with silver tea sets, trays china plates and cups below, while above are a selection of cake stands cake domes and a trifle ready to dish out – all you need to finish it off is Betty the maid with her silver tray!
These two tall buffet cabinets are made to go with the ‘Imperial Fruit’ and ‘Masons’ dining room suites and banqueting tables – they are available in the shop now and more to match the Dee-Daw china ranges will follow.

These two china cabinets are also made to match the ‘Imperial Fruit’ and ‘Masons’ dining room suites, and again more will follow in other designs. I love the Imperial Fruit one as I made the porcelain effect fruit bowl to take pride of place in the centre of this cabinet.

Tea trollies and cigar trollies are back in stock after a gap of almost a year (or it feels like it!) – They have been missed so much that a lady at York show bought one of each while they were still in stock! LOL – They are now in the website shop – while they last!

I now have enough stock to put the bookcase desks featured last month into the website shop and they will soon be followed by the library unit (after I have made the ones which were pre-ordered from photos I posted last month).
I have also just added Cockatoos to the growing Dee-Daw menagerie – or should I call it the avian collection?

…And finally I have managed to restock on some of the smaller fireplaces – the Adam, Blyth and Harewood – all available in the website shop. All are hand painted, and feature my own design clocks and ornaments as well as working electric fires – and in the case of the Harewood lights.

17/05/22  Time for another quick update – I have been working flat out recently to make stock for the Kensington Dolls House Festival and before that on commission pieces. Its nice to get five minutes to look back over the past month or so…

This library bookcase has to be one of my favourite recent pieces, the books were all individually hand painted, and the bookcase carcass was a unit I customised from a light brown shop unit. I will be making more of these – get in touch if you would like to be on the waiting list for one!

The library bookcase was inspired by the bookcase desks I do – unfortunately they don’t hang around long enough to get onto the website shop – I usually make them just before shows and they sell out!
Another one of my favourite pieces is the carpenters workbench – It was lovely to handle the miniature tools – both my father and grandfather were carpenters and so I grew up with sawdust in my veins! Its a one off and available in the website shop £89.

The Ginger and gold and Blue raspberry four poster beds were a bit of a treat to work on as I don’t usually have time to make them for stock. The Blue Raspberry one is available in the website shop £129.

Another thing I have not had in stock for a while are banqueting tables – and just like buses there are two together. The one above is in the ‘Jesmond’ pattern and the one below the ‘Masons’ – both are meant for larger house dining rooms where a set for six would be too small – these are set for 8 and the Masons set has carvers at each end.

These bright and mischevious macaws are the latest addition to the ‘Small stuff’ section of the website shop and are available in red or blue at £39 each – they will be shortly followed by white Cockatoos – its just I sold out of them at the show!

After having made some of these dressers for a commission I finally managed to make a couple for my own stock – but once again they sold right at the start of the show and I will have to try and get some more done! I think I am going to experiment with the china colour – I’m thinking green and cream or black and cream.

24/03/22  I can’t believe its been two months since my last update! Time has flown by and having covid probably explains it passing in a blur! (Just bad enough to feel rotten and not bad enough to be serious – lucky me!) However I am fully recovered and now have a load of new pictures to share…..

This bride and groom are attending their wedding reception in a hotel in Germany I have also made wedding guests hotel staff and hotel guests for the project as well as the dining and reception furniture. - Commission
This Witch was fun to do as she is holding her pet raven and a magic wand, and stands beside her black crystal ball and spellbook on a fringed silk top table - I love the cobweb effect on the black lace overlay of her dress! - commission
These extra pictures of the bride and groom show them in the round – I am particularly pleased with the effect of the brides veil and the sword and plumed headgear of the groom. The bell boy is such a sweetie – made to go in the reception of the hotel, he is looking for a guest to deliver the message on his silver tray, and carries a newspaper to another guest.
I have managed to squeeze in a little time for new product developmentand have created this Tivoli Dining room suite as my new one for 2022 - Its in pink and white with white furniture with hand painted gold details on the chair and matching buffet. I think it would fantastic as a wedding reception set! THe Buffet and dining room are available in the website shop - Dining suite £129 buffet £79

Speaking of new stock… I have just started to produce these cake buffets to go with my Tea for two sets (or any dining room or tea shop scene). They were inspired by the the commission versions I created of my Corinthian buffet (the one with the shelf underneath). Unfortunately no sooner had I created them than I found that the Corinthian buffet furniture piece had been discontinued! This new version is available now in the website shop £79.

How cute is this? Tea for two set (£69) and new cake buffet (£79)
Is this the poshest tearoom ever! LOL Tea for Two set (£69) with the Tivoli dining room buffet! (£79)
These two walnut buffets were commission items - but I love them and will be making my own stock versions of them. They are packed with pink and brown transferware - this was very popular in the 19th century and came in many colours including green, blue and black - I am thinking the black would look stunning so that may be my next version.
After having done my stock Queen Mary dresser in blue with Blue and white china , this version in white with blue and white china followed soon after! Both compliment the Green and cream versions I already have in my stock range £84
This bar buffet (£79) is availale now in the website shop and comes complete with box of cigars and ashtray with stubbed out cigarettes and cigar as well as punch bowl and peeled fresh orange!
The bar buffet follows on from the ones I did for the Kensington Christmas show (all sold out)
I have been working on producing whole room sets- so that not only is there a dining suite but also a matching buffet (£59) and Bedford dresser (£84). In this case it is the Masons suite (£99) based on the Masons Ironstone plate design.

I’m pleased to say I have managed to make a start on topping up my doll stocks, with Victor (£69), some maids (£69 each), cooks (£69 each) and the Governess  (£84) all are currently available in the website shop.

17/01/22  my New Year started straight after Christmas, as I was hard at work putting together an order to go to America, so I already feel well into 2022!  heres a few of the things I got done after Kensington show in December 2021 and before Stafford show in January 2022…

Although I love shiney things – I really get a kick out of making the grungy and grimey workshop workbench! – back in stock £99 in the shop vehicles section.

Coulson Dining suite with mahogany furniture £119
Jesmond dining suite £119
Masons dining suite £99
Sage dining suite £99
This four poster bedroom suite was a special commission for a customer in the United States.
...As was this lilac suite
This Coulson fireplace was commissioned to go with the customers matching white Coulson dining suite. I never seem to get these fireplaces into the website shop as they sell at shows and by commission before they get online!
In this blue version of the Coulson fireplace the customer saw the original at a show and commissioned a bespoke one - choosinge a different picture to better match their room colour scheme.
These tea for two sets were made in several different colour schemes for a dealer in the US and should befor sale at a show accross the pond soon!

Its great to finally have a chandelier and torcheres back in stock!

The new blue ‘Monet’ kitchen range (named after the painters kitchen in Giverney in france and the room box I made for dolls house & Miniature scene magazine copying it) is ever expanding and the solid blue pieces are as popular as the white with painted details.

The copper Queen Mary dresser in blue was commissioned after the customer saw the version with the blue and white china collection!

I love this new vegetable preparation themed table - I think because I had so much fun making the cabbages!

06/12/21  Back from the Kensington Christmas show and just catching up on the Just Finished section and updating the website shop with my spare hand! Pictured below is just a brief snapshot of pieces I made for the show and some of what I have just added to the website shop!

This fantastic new Queen Mary dresser has been made to go with the other items in my expanding 'MonetBlue' kitchen range and is available to buy in the website shop. Its packed with my favourite hand decorated blue and white china - took an age to make but what a showpiece! (£84)
The New Queen Charlotte fireplace was inspired by the queen of King George lll and is available from the website shop £99
All of the items on the mantlepiece were made and hand decorated for this fireplace.
Been catching up on dolls and have added this sweet Claudette to the website shop (£29) Although theres only one left after the show!
Bessie the cook looks great next to any of the kitchen furniture items - I'm thinking of doing one in blue to go with the Monet Range next!
Victor is such a cheeky chappie - you just know that he has some shady deals going on somewhere and all is not what it seems! Both bessie and Victor are available in the shop £69 each
Not only did I make some Queen Mary dressers with china on I also did a couple of wide dressers for the show too (sold) but more will follow at some point!
I also did someQueen Mary dressers with china on to go with my green and cream ranges - these are now available in the website shop
The Pink Roses fireplace is so pretty and would look perfect in a ladies boudoir - the more I look at the painting the more I wonder what naughtiness is going on!
The working electric fire and urns were especially made and decorated for these fireplaces. The fireplace is available now in the fireplaces section of the website shop - £89
I can't keep up with demand for the stunnning Silver Duchess bedroom suite - this was one of the first things to sell at the show! more will follow
Its been a while since I had chess tables in stock - I am pleased to say I still have a couple left for the website shop - £34
This trolley Bar was one of three pieces I made especially to take to the show all are made with one-off pieces of furniture and were dressed with accessories I had been hoarding for some time waiting for the right project to come along!
The gorgeous bar buffet above was one of the three bars I made for the show (sold)
The third bar I made was an unusual little shelf unit I found - it sold and is now in New York, USA!
I just think George gores so great with the chess table - I actually had him sat beside the gentlemans fireplace and the chess table at the show until the fireplace sold!
This workbench is one of my new design pieces and I will be making more soon to go with my 'Rusty and Restoration ready ' model T ford (see the vehicles section of the shop)
I made time to make some Torchere pairs for the show and also have a set available in the website shop £189 pair.
The torcheres feature two cherubs holding flower covered 3 arm candelabra which actually light up. They are painted in pastel colours and were inspired by the Meissen Porcelain ones made for an 18th century Austrian emporer
The Hexham Bedroom suite was only briefly in stock and they sold out before I had time to list them here or on the shop!

08/11/21  As its now show season and the dates are coming up  thick and fast I am in overdrive trying to get everything done – so whats below is hot off the press – LOL!

Jesmond Buffet to match the dining room suites
Masons Buffet to match the dining room suites

I have had a bit of a restock on my buffets to match the dining room suites, and have added a new BEDFORD dresser as the SAMBOURNE one I used to dress has been discontinued! 

These new BEDFORD dressers are now available in the website shop (£79 each) and feature my exclusive plate, ornament and glassware designs. Most match my dining room china, but all will equally stand in a salon, lounge our hallway.

The NEW Silver Duchess bedroom suite (£129) is to replace the current duchess bedroom, as the furniture has been discontinued. This new set features beautiful scrolls and carved accents. It will eventually also be available in red/gold and white/blue as the original Duchess bedroom suite.
This Cragside bedroom suite is now back in stock on the website shop £119. The bedcover is a fabulous pink silk brocade shot with several shades of silk and gold threads. The suite comes with bed, wardrobe, dressing table, working electric lights, upholstered stool and mirror (fixed on) the dressing table.
Had a bit of a 'Georgefest' and made three! £69 eachAvailable in the shop now, in either black, green or brown chairs.
Unfortunately the Governess with pram sold out before I even had time to add it to this page!
Victor the cheeky chappy is back in stock £69
Bessie the cook has just taken a pie out the oven! £69

05/10/21  So, my first two shows for over 18 months are done, and I can breathe again for a few weeks until the next one – (York 20th November). Its been manic – as with only two weeks between the shows I didn’t have time to remake what I sold at Kensington to sell at Miniatura! However there’s more about that on the news blog… What’s featured here is some of what I DID get made!

I am expanding my blue and white ‘mix and match’ kitchen range and have finally come up with a name for it – Monet! Its after the room box I created for dolls House & Miniature Scene magazine of the painter Monet’s Kitchen in his house at Giverney. Available now in the shop KITCHEN section.

I’m really pleased with this PORTLAND Fireplace…They have not been in stock for while, and I took the opportunity to revise them with new ornaments, fire and fire accessories. I am particularly pleased with the ornaments which I hand painted in pastel shades to go with most room schemes – although I love the coal scuttle and 3D printed working electric fire too!

I also managed to top up my china cabinet stocks with these three, one with pink glassware and ornaments (having a bit of a pink patch at the minute – LOL!) a Masons one to match my dining rooms and a Chelsea one in magenta and turquoise just because I like the combination of colours!

21/09/21 Just back from the Kensington Dollshouse Festival, I have updated the website shop and just quickly will add a few pictures here of my latest bits before doing a news blog post later today (the news blog is under the INSPIRATION tab at the top of this page).

My latest vehicle commission and possibly my favourite ever, a collaboration of ideas with the new owner produced this domestic livestock retailers truck thats had a slight accident! More pictures in the vehicles gallery soon!
This piece of furniture has not been available to buy for years, but I was lucky enough to find one from a collector selling off some pieces - Hard to believe it was originally plain walnut!
This commision was made after the client saw the original piece in my gallery of previous work, and it was great to revisit it after nearly 10 years and add some 3D printed glam to it!
Although for two different customers these two pieces have the same level of OMG! (LOL)
This is the next installment in the 'Marie Antionette' series - a writing desk and chair. The desk as a piece of furniture is 3D printed then embelished and dressed with accessories
The desk is packed with accessories, and the Marie Antionette monogram features on each of the desk cabinet drawers.
The new Bedford dresser is available in several different colour ways in the website shop including this pink glass version above.
This one off white and gold Corinthian Buffet is available in the website shop.
This cute set is a commission based on the new Blue and White 'mix and match' kitchen range. The laundry and ironing are in progress but they have sat down for a cup of tea nad a cake - the ironing will still be there after the tea!
...And finally, as always Christmas is never that far away!
This is another piece for the nordic themed Santa's workshop room box. I'll add pictures of all of the pieces I have done so far to the Christmas gallery as soon as I have a mo!

13/07/21 Finally managed to make some chandeliers and torcheres to restock my shop! They are painted in matching colours and decorative devices so they will work well together – wall lights can also be made to order to match.

These chandeliers are inspired by the chandeliers in the castles of Ludwig ll of Bavaria who was a patron of the Meissen porcelain factory.
The torcheres are free-standing three arm lights which are painted in the 18th century Meissen porcelain style.

27/06/21 Just created this new page to provide easy access to see the very latest creations.
I will always post first pictures of finished items here.

Its great to start this section off with another ‘first’ – this dressing table and matching stool is my first 3D printed piece of furniture.  The picture below shows the fresh off the printer piece of furniture (and before I had printed and added the fabulous triple mirror top – also 3D printed) I will be writing more about this on my news and 3D printing blogs.

Another first – luggage sets and BIG pictures – both now available in the website shop.
Luggage £39 for set of 6 BIG pictures £29 each.

The Silver Duchess bedroom suite was made to order and is another variant of the Scarlet and Blue versions on the website shop.
This Cragside bedroom went straight off to a customer, but another will be in the website shop soon!

Although its summer, the Christmas work lasts all year round, and these two pieces, are the start of a suite for a Santa’s Workshop room box project.  I am particularly pleased with the half carved wooden nutcracker on the workbench (complete with carving tools and real wood curled shavings) and the little green dragon standing on top of Santa’s box of paints on the work trolley! I also added scandinavian style folk art painted details to the furniture which I think makes them look extra Christmassy!

The kitchen table below was a special commission for a customer and was sooon followed by the blue and white set below it!

I love the blue and white set as I think it has bags of character as it is dressed to show a pause in a busy day.Although most of the ironing is done (and folded on the table and over one of the chairs) there is still more to do in the basket – so its time for tea and cake before a final push to get done!

The Narrow dresser sold with the table and chairs commission was from my shop stock, and was briefly joined by a blue sink before being sold!

The Blue and white kitchen range is ever expanding and developing – watch this space!

Like all the other pieces in the blue and white range this table chairs and narrow dresser feature hand painted details

…and finally a total flight of fancy – this painted version of the stock Corinthian buffet comes with pink and gold hand painted ornaments and china effect flower arrangement. Available now in the Buffets section of the shop £89.

Join the waiting list Please leave your valid email address below, and I will let you know when this item is back in stock.