Your first stop to see the very latest in  shop stock and commission pieces – and they are so fresh the paint’s still wet! NEWEST STUFF AT THE TOP – Scroll down for previous updates.

15/06/2024 Finally! – I have time to update this page with some of the  new pieces I have made over the last couple of months! With Kensington and York shows over, my next is the 100th Miniatura show in September – but as soon as I have this website updated I will be back to making stock and commissions ready to start the Autumn season!

CLICK ON THE PICTURES BELOW TO SEE A LARGER IMAGE – most of the pieces shown are now available in the website shop SMALL STUFF SECTION

Its been a bit of a whirlwind few months with switching from filament to resin printing and I now have three printers on the go to keep up with my needs – which now include printing my own grandfather clock cases and dining chairs as well as plates and wine glasses!

The new Blenheim Fireplace features a large number of 3D printed parts – the overmantle, clock, hearth base, brick back wall and electric fire grate. (now available in the website shop FIREPLACES section). A version of the overmantle mirror is also available separately in the SMALL STUFF section of the shop.


All of my working clocks (pictured above – mahogany, Pagoda and Chateau Chic) have 3d printed cases.

More to follow after I have updated the rest of the website!

30/03/2024  Its been so busy since the start of the year that I’ve not had time to update this page – However here are a few brand new items I have just added to the website shop…

NEW 1886 motorised Tricycle with tools - the garage workbench is listed separately
NEW Chateau Chic dining set for six follows the banqueting table set for 8 and features resin printed chairs, plates, glasses and table centres
NEW Walter reading the newspaper and below NEW Roman the grumpy old codger!

Other new items include a shoe cleaning workbench with Thomas cleaning shoes available separately, several different versions of Bessie the cook, the Rothbury single bedroom (with resin printed washstand accessories) and the new Tivoli dining suite set for six.

6/10/2023  With the first show of the Autumn/winter season over (Miniatura) I finally have time to update this page with all the things I have been making over the last month or so!

I have expanded my workbench range to include not only the Potting and Garage workshop benches and new Carpenters workbench, but also Bob who will go alongside any of them and still look part of the scene!
   In his grubby hands are an oil can and hammer so he could be doing anything.
   All are now in stock in the website shop.
Bob now stands happily amongst the workshop benches - The perfect start to any man cave project!

Of all the workbenches the carpenters has to be my favourite – as the daughter and grand daughter of carpenters I grew up with the smell of freshly cut wood as a constant – and this particular bench is based on the one in my grandads shed – complete with curly wood shavings and sawdust!

Once again the new Chateau Chic range proved a sell out success at the show -especially with the new exclusive Banqueting Buffet piece of furniture to acompany it. I also made a version of the banqueting table set for 6 which also sold out at the show - but watch this space I will be making more!

Both the mahogany and new Chateau Chic versions of the extra long Banqueting Buffet proved popular at the show. It is especially made to go along the wall beside a banqueting table. The mahogany version can be made in any of my stock tableware designs to match any of my banqueting tables – and can be made to order if you already have a table! Both are listed in the website shop.

I have restocked my kitchen section with stoves sinks and tables…

The large cream kitchen table is now in stock in the website shop.

The Large cream table with ham and cheese is one of my favourites – especially as I made the basket, breads, cheeseboard and plate with boiled ham myself (as well as most of the contents of the shelf underneath!

The short dresser with tea making is a new addition to the range and features a ‘Quick cuppa’ scene complete with copper kettle, teapot, freshly poured tea and a couple of cakes!

Its nice to see how the pieces sit together as a room set before I pack them away and head off to a show!

The website shop has been  restocked with the  green range too –  including stoves sinks and tables and some dressers.

The new Rustic range in wood and delft, was briefly expanded to include a stove – but it sold before I had even set my stand up! I will be making more as this was the first stove I had made myself from scratch and love it! I am also thinking about doing a much larger wider stove – watch this space!

I think the Rustic range looks stunning when set up as a room, and I will be expanding the range soon to include my own scratch built dresser.

Pictured above are just a few pieces of the new rustic range now available in the website shop.

The new Wedgewood fireplace features a set of urns and matching clock in the distinctive Jasperware style. The new Portland fireplace now features a gilt club fender on the hearth. Both feature working electric coal effect fires and are available in the website shop.

…And not forgetting the small stuff! This new square card proved a hit and earned its place beside the chess tables, tea and cigar trollies!

Like everything I do – its quite busy – set for four players who are smoking, drinking and betting with both chips and gold coins.

…and finally, to go with the new Chateau Chic working clock, I have designed and produced the Pagoda Chinoiserie  clock. Like the Chateau Chic clock I 3D print the clock case, install a working clock face and decorate it – in the case Of the Pagoda clock I hand paint all of the chinoiserie panels in red Ivory and gold.

7/06/2023  Back from York – my last show of the season (Next one September!) and just getting my act together before jumping into my commissions list – LOL

I had a big push before the show to produce some pieces in my new Chateau Chic range, and I’m glad I did as nearly all of it sold at the show – so I will be building the range over the summer. I did used to produce some Chateau Chic pieces years ago in green and cream – but this new range is in pale blue and cream. One of my favourite pieces is the grandfather clock as it is the first one I have designed and 3D printed. (I will be writing more about its production and development in my 3D printing blog)

The Chateau Chic range is inspired by the exuberant french style of the 18th century, in particular by Le Petit Trianon palace attached to
Versailles. The decoration is light and colourful but with less of the
gilded baroque of Versailles. The top, sides and fronts of the furniture and clock a swell as the plates all feature the distinctive and exclusive Chateau Chic 18th century style garden scene with two lovers strolling through. plates are hand painted in blue and gold.
Clock £59 Buffet £89 banqueting suite £169

Something else I have not had in stock for a long time is a snooker set. This set includes the table, wall mounted scoreboard and cue rack plus two players, one waiting to play and one thinking about his next shot. Snooker set £169

After the success at Kensington of my new Banquet Buffet I created another to go with my Jesmond Banqueting table. I just love the fact that the buffet is the same length as the table. The sad thing is I used my last swan to make the centrepiece ice sculpture – I had been hoarding the two I bought years ago for something special, and now I have used them and they both sold first time out! Guess I am going to have to see where I can get hold of some more because I love doing this piece! SOLD at York Show

Another thing I am really into at the moment is Chinoiserie. I love doing the hand painted panels down the front and sides of the new grandfather clocks – and it makes the start of a collection with the grand Piano I also do.

Both clocks sold at York show and the pianos at Miniatura and Kensington so its a dead cert I will be making more soon!

Chinoiserie Grand piano £89

Grandfather clock £59

17/05/2023  Back from Kensington and just regrouping before York show in a few weeks time! Just about got time to load on what I’ve been doing before making more – LOL

As mentioned elsewhere I have expanded the new RUSTIC kitchen range to now include a small table to go with the sink dresser, stove, wide dresser narrow dresser large table and short dresser. I will soon be adding a new couple of dressers and base units with cupboards so watch this space!

Some of my first pieces in the new RUSTIC range - visit the website shop to see current stock

The bookcase desks (£89) are back in stock and making a rare appearance in the website shop as I usually make them just before a show and they sell out (but this time I made extra!) A couple of pieces that sit well with the bookcase desk are the bar buffet £89(complete with cigar box, crystal ashtray and punch bowl) and the new black chess table (£39) with game in progress plus drinks and ashtray for the players.


Had a bit of a Fireplace fest for Kensington and made a determined effort to get them back in stock with a few one offs made from bits from my ‘specials’ box I’d been saving!

Both the Wedgewood (£99) and Iron Duke (£89) fireplaces were one offs for the show – but I liked them so much I will be making more – email me if you would like to go on the waiting list for one.


I am trying to build up my stocks of vehicles as well as expanding my range of workbenches to include the new potting bench (which sold out at the show – more stock soon) and the carpenter’s workbench. I also have another Bakery truck in progress, to be followed by a ‘Geoffreys bric-a-brac’

RUSTY AND RESTORATION READY - STANLEY STEAMER £139 (does not include workbench)
RUSTY AND RESTORATION READY - ROLLS ROYCE £139 (does not include workbench - available separately)

22/03/23   Its been a while since my last update – Ive just been so busy! But I am back from Miniatura and taking a few days to catch up on these sorts of things – and what a bumper selection it is! Some of the pieces below are already marked for my ‘Best of 2023’ gallery page (once I have got my ‘Best of 2022’ gallery done! )

So starting with my most recent just finished pieces – the new RUSTIC kitchen range will available on the website shop soon – as just a quickly as I can make it – the pieces above sold out at the show. Email me to be notified just before I add them to the shop.

The sink has to be my favourite piece so far with its Delft tile splashback and collection of china. The full range includes dressers and tables as well as a stove.

ABOVE: The stove is metallic black with antique brass fittings and the stove door opens to show a lit fire and turkey roasting on a rack.

ABOVE AND BELOW: I am really pleased to extend my lighting range from the Gold and Meissen china 6 arm chandeliers to the matching electric 3 arm torcheres and now the cherub columns. I make all of these pieces and hand paint them – each item is unique. (The Cherub columns and torchere figures on their bases are 3D printed before decorating – see the 3D printing section for more information.)

Black & Gold Torchere pair £149, Gold Chandelier £129, Black & Gold Cherub column £69 each
Meissen style china Torchere pair £189, Meissen chandelier £199, Meissen Cherub column £69 each.

My range of workbenches has been extended with a new potting bench, a garage bench with small cupboards and a  carpenters workbench – the woodworking bench shown is actually a commission one – as I forgot to photograph the stock one and it sold at the show!I am particularly pleased with the potting bench which features my own 3D printed plant pots, seed trays and watering cans! (more on this in the 3D printing section of the website).

Workbeches are around £99 each and are available in the VEHICLES section of the website shop. Custom ones can be made to order.

Its great to have the Sage Dining suite back in stock with a matching buffet – The ornaments are all 3D printed and hand painted to match the my exclusive plate design, with seats upholstered in a two tone green regency stripe. Sage table, contents and chairs £99. Sage buffet with contents £79.

The Coulson dining suite features 3D printed and hand painted ornaments to match the hand painted blue and gilt banding on the plates.

The Coulson dining suite of table, contents, and chairs – including two carvers, is available in the website shop £119. The buffet is also available £79.

This model T Ford bakery truck features custom graphics and is packed out, as well as extra baskets and crates of pies and breads (I am quite into the new crates and baskets I 3D print, and its great packing them out with home made -of course!- bakery goods). (SOLD)

…And finally these last two pieces always make me smile – the naughty little girl has just scooped a goldfish from the bowl on the table and it drips in the net while she works out what to do with it! (SOLD)
The new black chess table sold out at the show but more will follow in the website shop soon – I just love the ashtray with cigarette butts, ash and used spills – £39.

I have updated the WHAT IS 3D PRINTING page to give a simplified explanation of how resin based 3D printing works – but briefly a resin printer as a reservoir of liquid polymer into which a vertical moving build plate dips – a UV light shines through the (clear) base of the reservoir and the light exposure hardens the resin in the selected area, building up the model one dip (or layer) at a time.  

– However you don’t need to know how it works to see the wonderful new things I can produce with it! I feel like a kid in a candy store not knowing which to pick next! I started with some experiments based on my old filament printer (explanation o

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