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Keep checking in here to see the latest items pictured here first – so new the paint is still drying!

28/09/20 Just doing a quick update to show I have not been idle since my last update on the just finished section! I’ve been really busy with commissions and have had a bit of a boozy session making several bars!

Although the three pieces on the left are for commissions, I did manage to make the one on the left for stock and its now for sale in the website shop (£89).

It was nice to make some unusual bar pieces too – I dressed my Eldon buffet – which usually holds ornaments and tureens with a punch bowl- and was really pleased with the result. I was also surprised by how well my china cabinet converted to a bar shelving unit! I added decorative details to the cabinet to make it match the ornate bar and fireplace which were also going in the same room as it  – and I think they make a teriffic set. 

Its the first time I have done this fireplace – and it had quite a lot of constructive work on it – I cut it in half and added a matlepiece and a hearth (both of which I painted to look like a colour matching granite). I made a brass effect fender to finish the hearth edge. I kept the ornaments simple with a specially made clock and urn set which I hand painted in shades of green, and finished the mantle with a couple of spill pot sand brass ashtray with ash in it and burnt spills.
The electric fire grate is one of my own 3D printed ones.

Another fireplace I am particularly pleased with, was made to go in a room that already held one of my bedroom suites. The room was for a gentleman so I went to town on the accessories with colour matched clock and Staffordshire style dog ornaments, a Staffordshire style ornament of William Shakespeare (to show a the owner was a man of letters!), box of cigars, spill pot ashtray and may favourite bit – a pipe rack with two pipes.

I think the gentleman who’s bedroom contained the fireplace also is quite a socialiser as the bar buffet below was for his house too!

I have also been busy with the foodstuffs as well as the drink – and just completed several orders for kitchen tables – out with the fimo and 3D printed turkeys then! I also managed to make a few pieces for stock too – take a look in the shop kitchen section for them.

I have also been working on my own picture frames, with this one below being one of the first. I have just added some pictures to my smalls stuff shop page using some frames I have in stock already, but I will be more of these bigger ones soon. (the shop frame 1 size is 60 x70mm – the one below is 90 x100mm and I intend to do some larger than this too).

That’s about all for this update – all earlier ones are below in case you missed any!

17/09/20 Moving on from ornament overload (see below!) I have just finished the first pieces in my new DELFT blue & White Kitchen range (pictured above) – and added them to my shop. I last did blue and white like this for my Monet’s Kitchen room box project and I will look out a few photos to add to this site soon. More ‘mix and match’ blue and white pieces will follow, and I am really looking forward to doing a blue enamel stove and blue sink to match! (watch this space!) I am currently working on several commissions, while 3D printing some fabulous new cherub figure to make torchere statues with. I will be adding a bit of the story so far to the 3D printing blog in the next couple of days.

22/08/2020 Its always great to show off some of my latest pieces, but recently – I don’t know what it is – but I am definitely on a roll! I think I have moved up a gear and gone into ornament overdrive!
   These ornaments were originally designed and created for commission pieces, but I made extras to test them out on some dressed stock. I have just added the dressers and buffets below to my shop page.

I made two of these buffets (above) both are now for sale in my shop, and should they prove popular will become a regular stock item. However I only made one each of the dressers below – They are one off items as this piece of furniture is no longer in production – they came from my ‘Savers’ box of special single pieces I save until something special comes along! They are both available in the BUFFETS & DRESSERS section of the shop.

The pictures below show the Boxes from the FREE DOWNLOAD sheet of cutouts to make up (made up!)  and new imperial fruit buffet just added to the shop (as well as the new Corintian Buffets) as well as a cute maid ironing complete with ironing board, clothes airer packed with ironed clothes and sheets, and two baskets of ironed and to be ironed washing.

ABOVE: The photo really doesn’t do the table justice! This is a special new commission where I designed the china to match the wallpaper and room colour scheme. I absolutely love it, and will be using this new ‘COULSON’ design china on some stock pieces soon. After applying my design to the white china plates, I hand paint the blue border and the gold detailing. The two ewers are smaller versions of that used on my new stock Corinthian Buffet (available in the shop), and the centrepiece is another new design – a group of three cherubs on a plinth around a golden palm tree with filigree leaves.  The flower arrangements are also handmade and painted. Love it Love it Love it – LOL

BELOW: These life size statues (1:12 doll life size I should say!) were really fun to do – I think they would look amazing not only as garden statues but as exhibits in a big house sculpture gallery or to decorate a huge staircase. I still have a roman emperor to do if anyone needs one?


This is all bits and pieces I say to people or they say to me (I will add them as I come across them) – so imagine you are sitting on a bus and a conversation is going on nearby – your are not eavesdropping – you just can’t not hear….

My house has a perspex force field!
..I actually have Featherstone Hall on display in my dining room with the front doors off and a sheet of clear perspex over the front so you can see in without having huge flaps of doors in the way! You might want to think about that once your house is done!!!!!!! (by that time perspex will be a thing of the past and there will be an invisible force field instead! LOL)


There's more than steering and brakes at issue here!
…Its not unknown for people to send me templates of their floors so I can work out what will fit and make built in pieces to the template. And most often people send me room sizes (length depth and not forgetting height!) So don’t feel you can’t ask for help. I know you need a bit of steering and a lot of brakes applied LOL – so no problem – I’m here at the end of the digital webby thing LOL!!!!!


The stock Harewood fireplace in green.

Have we discussed a fireplace for this room yet? I was wondering if a Harewood fireplace with a separate over mantle might work with your wallpaper panels? I have attached a picture of my stock one, but a custom
version of this perhaps without lights, and picking up on the sage green and raspberry accents in the paper – I have just been 3D printing some new
ornaments and clocks which I think may look ideal. Then the overmantle could have a big oil painting or perhaps mirror – because when the chandelier is
switched on the mirror will double the light in the room.

…it’s so helpful to hear other people’s experiences and short cuts to avoid extra work. When I built my first house I read just in time to decorate staircases before fixing stairs in if at all possible and boy does that safe a lot of work and time. Also I wish someone had suggested the idea of false doors on landings and corridors to give the impression of rooms beyond as I so wish I had done that on the half landings and impossible to do afterwards. I love the idea of having the house open with perspex too brilliant!and everyone can see in and no dust -always a winner!


Boris sounds ideal for the scenario below!

I was having a little daydream (as you do!) about your room scenario – you know how I like to invent scenes to help me work out what to do – I kept thinking about the breakfast table being set with two chairs and breakfast stuff (boiled eggs toast post/letters teapots etc) then across the room was the sofa with a small table with a pot of black coffee and a newspaper on – I imagine that the husband has not long crawled in from a
night on the town, (perhaps top hat cane and white silk scarf thrown on the sofa) and the black coffee and newspapers are for him (he can’t face anything else yet!), while his wife and mother sit at the breakfast table – LOL – I do get carried away sometimes!


I love Art Deco - so I suppose at some point I am going to do a Deco house!

…when buying make sure to buy what you love NOT what you think is right for the room. If you don’t love it, you will get fed up with it and end up buying something you do love (and redecorating in the process).

The big red stand - coming to a show near you?

…Forgot to tell you – another thing that came up at the Kensington show was that an exhibitor I know bought a load of my stuff at the show as she works part time in the Basle Dolls House Museum shop and the manager had asked her to look for stuff at the show to sell in the museum shop. The thing is all the best miniaturists want to get something on display in the museum – so I’ve sort of managed to get Dee-Daw Designs in via the back door – LOL (According to wiki: The Dollhouse Museum in Basel is the largest museum of its kind in Europe. Now known as the Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel With over 6000 teddy bears, dolls, toy grocers’ shops, doll houses and carousels, the Toy Worlds Museum Basel is unparalleled in Europe. The museum shop is also well worth a second look, offering a wide range of gifts and mementos)- I can now vouch for the shop LOL

…My best advice in the first place is get the house built then do one room at a time. If you try and do several you can end up with a lot of half done stuff and get demoralised by the whole thing. Doing one room at a time and finishing it gives you the motivation to do the next room,
and any mistakes you make on one room won’t happen in the next one!


I love this paper with the Blue Duchess bedroom

…buy your furniture BEFORE decorating. If I had a penny for every time someone has bought from my stand then said they will have to redecorate their room to match the furniture!

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