Welcome to the February Newsletter…This month the title says it all!

No, its not how I feel with February kicking in (well maybe a bit!) – its the title of the car I have just put in my online shop!
   I have done quite a few commission vehicles recently and really wanted to get one on my website shop – and  I’m pleased to say you can find this 1913 model T Ford in the shop vehicles section – as well as matching workshop benches and a mechanic (more of a tinkerer really!)
   The car is a cast metal collectable which I have aged and distressed, and is beautifully detailed – which is why the bonnet/hood is open to reveal the engine details.

This model T Ford is looking for a new home and can be found in the vehicles section of the website shop (£149)

It was fun to make the matching workbenches from scratch – I like the design for them to be ‘organic’ – as if it was knocked up in a shed from parts of other bits of furniture lying around!
  They are packed with a selection of paint cans, stone glaze bottles and demi johns, oil cans and bits of machinery – broken and working – which I also make – all aged to reflect the ‘at work’ nature of the bench!

The work benches (£99) and mechanic (£54) are also available in the shop

Unfortunately I think this 1903 Rolls Royce is a little beyond rusty and restoration ready! …the brief for this commission was ‘Barn Find’ condition!
…The only thing I would have added was a nesting chicken in the drivers seat – maybe next time!

Speaking of commissions, 2021 got off to a great start with some really fun commissions and one of my favourites was to make a sewing room set – as featured in my mini projects section of the website. It was interesting to revisit the project making it all from scratch again so many years after first doing the scene. Once again, I made the lady sewing, the dressmakers model and the runner rail – but I also added a fabric bolt rack – and I think this is such a useful little addition to this group I will be adding a quick mini project for you to make your own soon!

This fabric rack will soon appear on the mini projects page to compliment the sewing room scene. I was quite chuffed with my addition of pins to the sleeve of the dressmakers dummy – made from individual bristles cut from a suede brush!

….And following on from looking back – I have also been looking forward – to my new ‘Cornish’ kitchen range of blue and white themed pieces – with the stove to match the the dressers and table I tested out a few months ago. I hope to have a full room set available in the shop soon.

….And finally – I just had to add this picture of one of my sweetest commissions to date!


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