Just over 10 years ago I created the Featherstone Hall Hotel for the 200th issue of  Dolls House & Miniature Scene  magazine…

….And to celebrate its first decade – in October 2022 its coming out again and will be on display at the Autumn Miniatura show at Stonleigh Park!

The creation of the house was featured in the magazine over 24 months and it went on display at Miniatura several times, and also to a show in Holland – but that was a trip too far and afterwards I retired the house from exhibitions.
   It was only after realising I had missed the 10 year anniversary which happened during the Covid lock downs, that I took a good look at the house and thought how great it would be to spruce it up and get it back out there!

This picture was taken just before the show in Holland opened and was the last time the house was out on display.
This exterior picture of the house shows all the bits I have to find before the show - the doors and front staircases!
The only place to take it had to be back to the show it was launched at – Miniatura. I had a chat with the show organiser and we both agreed it would be great to have it at the show (2nd/3rd October 2022).
   However there are a couple of complications before I get to that stage…
   1. The house hasn’t been on display for YEARS!!!!!!
   2. The last time it was on display there was a small fire in a bit of the electrics (loose wire) which I never got around to repairing.
   3. Its been on display at home and needs a good dust, and a few cosmetic repairs.
   4. When its on display at home I don’t have the doors on – so I need to find them (hopefully in the attic!)
   5. To make it easier to display at home I cut off the front of the base that the exterior staircase sits on with the car and valet unloading luggage – and I need to find those bits too!  
   …But apart from that it should be childs play (not!)
   The biggest issue will be getting the electrics and light repairs done. Some of the lights have come down from the ceiling  during transit (Library and kitchen) and to repair them I’m going to need to lift some floors (this is a consequence of the house being my first one and it was a steep learning curve!)

One thing I have decided on is that all the repairs and reworking I will be doing to the house will be to get it as near as possible back to the same condition it was in when it was first finished.
   I have considered long and hard about this, as it would be tempting to update it and showcase all the new things I can do and have learned in the 10 years since first building it, but I think its best to leave it as a snapshot in time and exactly as its shown in the Featherstone Hall Hotel book.
   Perhaps I should make a new house to test my current skills… and perhaps another one in 10 years time (if I’m still capable!)

I will be adding a new page to the BIG PROJECTS page which will follow me getting the house ready once I make a start on it! And I will be adding more pictures to the GALLERY of Featherstone Hall pictures already there.

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