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20/07/2020  Take a look at the previous post to see the full story on the Elephant clock pictured above. Briefly, I designed this clock for a special commission fireplace garniture.

This is the design on the computer screen ready to print
When printed the clock has extra supports and base
The shape is revealed when the supports are removed
The 3D print was then cleaned up, primed and painted with a faux Malachite, bronze and gilt finish. the clock face was added afterwards.
The clock is the centrepiece of a garniture which includes two (also 3D printed) vases painted with faux Malachite and gilt and filled with flowers.

And also...

The elephant clock was just one of the fun parts of two commission fireplaces I have just finished. They included an new 3D printed overmantle for one of them and a Limoges china style 5 piece garniture.

The Elephant clock on its fireplace with matching flower vases. The fire on the painted granite hearth is also 3D printed
Both the ornaments and overmantle picture frame is 3D printed.
This 5 piece Limoges china style garniture is 3D printed then hand painted. I hope to make more sets to sell (when I have a moment!)

This is how the Limoges China fireplace overmantle comes off the printer like. It then needs a good trim and clean up before gilding and adding the picture.

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