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20/08/2020    I am so busy at the moment – but in the current environment, being busy is something I am grateful for – and to be honest I have been working on some fabulous new commissions which have made the time fly!
    At the moment the waiting list for a commission placed now would be about 2-3 months, but I am reliably assured by those who have received their orders, that it’s worth it!
    Another benefit of doing commissions, is that I have been creating a lot of new ornaments and decorative pieces which I probably would not have done if not for my commission work, and these pieces then get incorporated into stock items in the online shop – in fact I have just updated the shop with some ‘refills’ and some new buffets and dressers which feature these new ornaments.
     Because of the large amount of commissions and stock just completed, I have also massively expanded the JUST FINISHED section on the website (find it on the INSPIRATION page) it is now packed with more and bigger pictures of things so new  the paint is only just dry!


I absolutely love my new 3D printed ornaments – at the moment they are just for use on my stock furniture and commissions, but I will eventually sell them as sets in different colours. In the meantime, I have just added two of the buffets below to my shop, in the BUFFETS & CABINETS section.

I really enjoyed making some new figurine and bird ornaments recently and so made a few extra and created these two one-off dressers to showcase them. There are only the two, one mink/cream with hand painted floral decoration and one mahogany with gilt decoration. Both have just been added to my shop in the in the BUFFETS & CABINETS section.


The new FREE downloads page in the MAKES & ADVICE section of the website seems to be proving popular, and so I have just added the second one – pretty gift or shop boxes – You can find the document to download cunningly disguised on the DOWLOADS page in the MAKES & ADVICE section – enjoy!


With some lockdown easing taking place, I have been asked recently about what shows I will be doing, and I wanted to take this opportunity to ask for an opinion.
   At the moment I should be attending York and Kensington in November. These shows (under current guidelines) would have to be socially distanced (so probably fewer stalls) and both visitors and stallholders wearing masks, and limited numbers of customers at each stand. How do you feel about this? Would you still want to attend a show under such restrictions? 
   I would really appreciate some opinions back to get a feel for what the ‘new normal’ should be. Please get in touch by replying to this email or using the contact form on the website – Thanks.

I have also had a couple of people get in touch recently to ask if I know where they could get their dolls houses valued – either for sale or insurance. And to be honest I haven’t a clue, but if you know of a company that does, please let me know and I’ll add the details to the website.


With everyone still in lockdown in one form or another – either isolating or just not able to go anywhere, many people now have immaculate gardens – and this seems to have crossed over into miniatures too! I have just completed a set of almost life size (1:12 doll life size) garden statues which I am really chuffed with. I was thinking about what other uses they could be put to and I remembered my trip to Chatsworth house (pre covid-19) and the gallery of statues and how they were also used on the grand staircases. Some of the huge (dolls) houses my customers have told me about – and shown me pictures of, would be perfect to house some – I even have a Roman emperor I have not yet printed out if anyone wants one….

That just about brings me to the end of this blog, but check out the updates on the rest of the Dee-Daw Designs website for more new bits and bobs and stock in the shop!

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