Its been a really busy start to the year and I have only just had time to stop and breathe (very important that!) and reflect on the bigger picture and the future….

Late last year I decided to bite the bullet and embrace the new (to me!) 3D printing technology of resin printing.
   I have had a ‘love hate’ relationship with my old printer, and was never 100% happy with the detail of the prints so after much research I bought my first resin printer and I’ve never looked back.
ABOVE: The mini torchere style candelabra and dish set were created to stand on this (bought in) table and in front of the mirror -and are all printed on my new resin printer.
After very quickly getting to grips with the technicalities of the new process, my prints came on in leaps and bounds, and with some amazing commissions waiting for some amazing accessories the stage was set for something special!
ABOVE: This custom banquet table is set for 12 and features resin printed plates, wine glasses and ornaments.

These pictures show the mini torchere style candelabra and dish in their straight off the printer state ready to be painted. The Mirror frame is shown just before I added the mirror!

Even as I write this blog I have had to break off to set up my first print on my second resin printer, and tomorrow I will be setting up and printing on my third which has a much larger build plate to produce bigger pieces.

I have great plans for my prints in the coming months and will have a selection of large ornaments for sale for the first time at the Kensington show in May.

 I will be writing more on this on the 3D printing blog, and will try and get another blog post done about all the other new things I have been producing soon. In the meantime I have updated the just finished page with the website shop stock added today.

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