Keep checking here for free downloadable PDF files to print and make accessories – usually themed to go with with the monthly(ish) MINI PROJECT.

MARCH 2022

Click on this link: Download sheet 4 – PAPERS to open a PDF file which you can print out to make a range of useful 1:12 scale miniature paper items. The sheet includes: Envelopes, Letters, Photo’s and greetings cards, visiting cards, Postcards, a news magazine and playing cards plus instructions on how to make them up and what stock to print on.
   You might want to finish the letters and envelopes with a fountain pen made from a bugle bead with the tip of a pin inserted and sticking out one end to make a nib!


Click on this link: Download sheet 3 – CHRISTMAS to open a PDF file which you can print out to make Christmas cards, envelopes, letters to Santa, Christmas boxes, wrapping paper a party hat and tricky cracker!

Pictured above and left – just a few of the items you can download, print and make – plus loads of tips and suggestions on finishing touches and how to use them to dress you Christmas house.


Click on this link: Download sheet – BOXES to open a PDF file which you can print out to make the 12 boxes feature in the photo.
   This selection of gift boxes are unusual shapes so they will add interest to any scene. However they are a bit fiddley to do! (The Hexagon box in particular – so it has been simplified with no bottom to make it easier to put together)
   You will get the best results printing on photo glossy paper but be aware – you need to fold it very carefully to avoid the surface cracking or breaking.
   I prefer to pinch along the fold line first then I use a cocktail stick like a rolling pin to form the crease. If you want to avoid tell tale white edges run along the edge of the cut line with a felt tipped pen – hold the pen at 90 degrees to the cut edge to avoid colouring in the box face!
    And of course – Always do a trial run before making up the box to check the ‘fit’.

JULY 2020

Just a few of the pieces made up from the Download sheet 1 SEWING

Click on this link: Download sheet 1 SEWING to open a PDF file which you can print out to make sewing accessories to go with the No Sew Sewing scene Mini project.
   The sheet includes sewing patterns, thread cards, needle packets, tape measure, button cards and magazines. There is also a hint and tips section on how to make them up and dressing details to get the most from your mini makes!
   More sheets will follow…



Pictured above are some of the uses I have put these cutouts to. You can also make extra bits by winding thread around a cocktail stick then cutting the stick either side of the thread to make bobbins. Its much easier to do it this way than try and wind thread around a tiny bit of cocktail stick – I know because I tried it! Another easy accessory to make is just a folded bit of fabric, it can look just like a fat quarter, and then overlay a scrap of lace hanging out the box, you’ll be amazed at how effective it can look!

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