A quick update on some of the interesting and unusual things I have been making!

Its been a while since I updated my 3D blog as its been a bit of a nightmare over the last few months. The printer has been doing my head in, its a complicated thing to run and if everything isn’t just so, it doesn’t work. And recently its been a bit more than doesn’t work – it actually took up smoking at one point – and nearly drove me to drink!
   However I have persevered and I seem to be back on track with some good results recently – of course that’s jinxed it now and my next blog will be how it exploded in my face! – But in the spirit of optimism let take a quick look at the ‘ups’ of my recent rollercoaster ride…

Meet Heidi and Gloria – two recent commissions- one to sit in a hotel lobby and one not to! I have been experimenting with my Eve doll base (14 separate pieces so that I can make a seamless doll in any pose) refining her hands and trying a new head, and have been really pleased with the results. I have another in the pipeline – and she is on the printer as I write this – so more on her later.

The Torcheres that I was working on in my last blog post have proved popular and there is now a waiting list for them, as well as versions without lights and with flower arrangements. See the previous article to see work in progress pictures

One of the fabulous things about having a 3D printer is that if I need something I can make it myself – the luggage below being a ‘case’ in point! I had nearly finished a suite of pieces to go in a hotel reception (based on my Featherstone Hall Hotel) and had made some luggage trolleys and I thought they looked a bit empty – so I printed myself about a dozen pieces of luggage in different shapes and sizes and painted them – complete with brass effect locks. I love them so much I will be making more for my shop stock as I think these will be useful little additions to scenes – even if just sitting on top of a wardrobe. I quite like the idea of a maid doll outside a house with a couple of cases and a bit of paper in her hand coming to start her new job! (will be saving that idea for later now!)

The cases were painted with satin enamel paint, and I was tempted to add paper luggage lables – but didn’t – although I am thinking about supplying a sheet with any I sell in my shop so you can apply your own.

I hope to have sets in the shop soon in various colours and finishes.

Left: This is how the luggage comes off the 3D printer, and they are then cleaned up, sanded, given a coat of primer and then colour and finished with some gold painted details for clasps and handles.
   Below: I am still experimenting with large picture/mirror frames which I hope to add to my shop at some point – but I will not be selling empty frames.

I suppose the biggest thing I have in development at the moment is furniture! Its getting very difficult to source ‘fancy’ furniture (which I usually enhance with 3D printed elements) so I have been looking at creating some pieces myself.

Left: my first two 3D printed furniture pieces. They look a little rough because they are hot off the printer and have not been fully cleaned up. The taller one will become a dressing table with triple mirror and the other will make a great buffet or desk.

…And finally I have also been working on some new urns, which would look great on both the dinner table or buffet or in a garden on a plinth!

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