I think I am now in a good place with my 3D printing…

My recent successes have buoyed me up into thinking ‘yes I can print anything I want’ (tempting fate to put a spanner in the works I know!)
  But be that as it may I wanted to share a couple of my most recent triumphs. Not only is the 3D printer producing exclusive accessories and ornaments for my dressed furniture, but its now is helping me to create whole new products from scratch…

   The first came when I found a stash of macaws and cockatoos I used to put in birdcages. The birdcages I used to buy are not available and the substitutes are just not as nice. Then I remembered that years ago I used to do birds on a column, and resolved to have a go at a new version.
   I started off with a rough sketch of what I wanted then mulled over how it would work on the printer – I couldn’t print it with the top on as the printer couldn’t cope with the overhang.

  So I would print it in two parts and designed a cup and spigot so that the pieces would sit nicely together and to offer more support to the top when glued together.
  The macaw (or Cockatoo) would be sitting on a thick wire half circle (sometimes you have to realise that not everything needs to be printed!) so I also added two locating holes to the top to securely hold the ends.
   You can’t see them on the image of the file on my computer because its printing top down, and the holes only go part way through to make a neater finish on the underside. (How clever is that!)

The base and top are then printed from the file (to securely hold them they are printed with a raft which pulls off after printing).
   All it takes is a light sand to remove any printing burrs then its ready for painting.
   My current stock ones are painted to look like mahogany, although I already have commissions for both black and ivory versions.
And there you have it, a brand new product for the Dee-Daw range courtesy of the 3D printer!
The other thing that the printer has been doing really well recently is filling the supply gap with even better versions of things I had to previously buy.
   My current favourites are the baskets, crates and cast iron casseroles I have created for my kitchen ranges.

I have created a range of useful pieces in different sizes and shapes based on the same basic files which I now use on virtually all my kitchen pieces.   
You can see on the picture below, the crate under the sink, basket on the base of the narrow dresser, baskets, crates and casserole on the Queen Mary dresser base – and my favourite basket – on the worktop packed with fresh veg (which I also make)

Keep checking in here to find out more about my latest makes.

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