LAST OF 2022!

With the last show of 2022 over, and a massive update  of the JUST FINISHED page completed, I have been thinking about the last few months….

Autumn Miniatura in October was a great show, and it was wonderful to have Featherstone Hall on display – despite all the trials and tribulations getting it ready for the show, getting there and setting it up!

Featherstone Hall was right beside the show enterance.

A busy York show quickly followed in November, and to be honest after all the bad news about the economy, and tensions over Ukraine, and the continuous barage of financial bad news, it was a small miracle!

The traders at York show were relieved to see the queue building up outside before the show – the worry was would people come, and would they buy anything!  I’m pleased to say they came and bought!

As the financial news got worse, the worries for Kensington Show in December surfaced – however it was great to hear from the organiser that the advance ticket sales were very strong! I had spent the weeks between York and Kensington making one off pieces (as well as trying to keep on top of my commissions) and was looking forward to seeing what the public would think of them.

I think this four poster in raspberry silver and blue is a bit of a 'Marmite' set - I love Marmite! I think this would look amazing in the right room, and I think it could be adapted for a master bedroom in a haunted house! £149 set includes everything shown - available in the website shop.
Baxter cleaning shoes is one of my favourite pieces I have made this year. £129 available in the website shop - includes workbench and accessories. THe walnut clock behind Baxter sold at the show.
On the 'Grime' theme the workbench (£99 in website shop), and 1911 Stanley Steamer (SOLD) show I don'just do 'Bling' ....

….although I do still have my bling side, and you can’t get more blingy than this ebony and gold torchere pair and matching gold chandeliers. The torcheres now reside in a bridal shop either side of the podium that the bride stands on when trying on her dress. The chandeliers are available in the website shop £129 each (and will soon be joined by another pair of Black and Gold torcheres!)

Another of my favourites which sold at Kensington was this fabulous Banquet buffet. It was a one off piece I bought just because it was so odd, but I knew it would work well with my banqueting tables. after decorating the cabinet, I remembered that years ago I has stashed a crystal effect swan in my specials box and thought how fantastic it would be to turn it into an ice sculpture! (I have one swan left so will make another buffet with an ice sculpture at some point!)

And finally… I have put together this small gallery of some of the items made for the autumn shows and some commissions (Click on one of the small images to open the gallery on the full screen) – all the pieces are featured on the JUST FINISHED page and some even made it into the website SHOP! I will be working on my best of 2022 gallery over Christmas and will launch it at the end of December in the GALLERY section. (and if I can pull the pictures together I’ll try and backdate some galleries from before I started putting them on this website!)

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