I first came across this saying years ago, and it has stuck with me because its so true!

24/06/21 As mentioned on the 3D Hotspot page, I have been hit with shortages of best quality and unusual shaped furniture to complete commissions with, and so have been working on developing my own library of pieces I can print.

The first to come to fruition was a dressing table to go in a house for Queen Marie Antoinette and had to be as over the top as possible to fit into the surroundings. I created a file for the base of the table, which was printed on its back with supports in place for the fragile legs, then printed separately three frames and combined them together to make the triple mirror. The stool is a smaller version of the dressing table leg section with a padded silk top.

NOTE: The best laid plans…..I had planned to show a step by step series of pictures of the dressing table creation, and took loads of photos along the way, but unfortunately forgot to check the memory card was in the camera and got nothing for my pains!

The finished dressing table, mirror and stool was painted in colours to match the room it was going in.
The dresser was finished with loads of accessories and and two double candle holders .
The dressing table on the printer - the material between the legs are printed supports.
The legs are easier to view with the supports removed, then the hard work starts of cleaning up, painting and gilding!


Following on from my last blog post, I have made some suitcases as shop stock – £39 for a set of six, added pictures to my new LARGE picture frames £29 each,  and been experimenting with colours on the ornaments on my one -off Corinthian buffet in pink and white with decorative panels £89

The next 3d Printed pieces I’ll be working on will be torcheres for stock and dolls for commissions and stock – all of which are printed – just need to do the fancy bit!


A quick update on some of the interesting and unusual things I have been making!

Its been a while since I updated my 3D blog as its been a bit of a nightmare over the last few months. The printer has been doing my head in, its a complicated thing to run and if everything isn’t just so, it doesn’t work. And recently its been a bit more than doesn’t work – it actually took up smoking at one point – and nearly drove me to drink!
   However I have persevered and I seem to be back on track with some good results recently – of course that’s jinxed it now and my next blog will be how it exploded in my face! – But in the spirit of optimism let take a quick look at the ‘ups’ of my recent rollercoaster ride…

Meet Heidi and Gloria – two recent commissions- one to sit in a hotel lobby and one not to! I have been experimenting with my Eve doll base (14 separate pieces so that I can make a seamless doll in any pose) refining her hands and trying a new head, and have been really pleased with the results. I have another in the pipeline – and she is on the printer as I write this – so more on her later.

The Torcheres that I was working on in my last blog post have proved popular and there is now a waiting list for them, as well as versions without lights and with flower arrangements. See the previous article to see work in progress pictures

One of the fabulous things about having a 3D printer is that if I need something I can make it myself – the luggage below being a ‘case’ in point! I had nearly finished a suite of pieces to go in a hotel reception (based on my Featherstone Hall Hotel) and had made some luggage trolleys and I thought they looked a bit empty – so I printed myself about a dozen pieces of luggage in different shapes and sizes and painted them – complete with brass effect locks. I love them so much I will be making more for my shop stock as I think these will be useful little additions to scenes – even if just sitting on top of a wardrobe. I quite like the idea of a maid doll outside a house with a couple of cases and a bit of paper in her hand coming to start her new job! (will be saving that idea for later now!)

The cases were painted with satin enamel paint, and I was tempted to add paper luggage lables – but didn’t – although I am thinking about supplying a sheet with any I sell in my shop so you can apply your own.

I hope to have sets in the shop soon in various colours and finishes.

Left: This is how the luggage comes off the 3D printer, and they are then cleaned up, sanded, given a coat of primer and then colour and finished with some gold painted details for clasps and handles.
   Below: I am still experimenting with large picture/mirror frames which I hope to add to my shop at some point – but I will not be selling empty frames.

I suppose the biggest thing I have in development at the moment is furniture! Its getting very difficult to source ‘fancy’ furniture (which I usually enhance with 3D printed elements) so I have been looking at creating some pieces myself.

Left: my first two 3D printed furniture pieces. They look a little rough because they are hot off the printer and have not been fully cleaned up. The taller one will become a dressing table with triple mirror and the other will make a great buffet or desk.

…And finally I have also been working on some new urns, which would look great on both the dinner table or buffet or in a garden on a plinth!


Welcome to the latest post about the newest 3D printing projects of Julie Jackson

I have been having loads of fun developing something that combines my two favourite things – 3D printing and making lights!

I have several commissions to make pairs of ‘Torchere’ floor standing candelabrum. They usually take the form of a figure – either cherub, ancient roman/greek lady or exotic arab/african or fantasy creature and can be in all gold, black and gold or white china with hand painted colour details (and gold!) The one pictured on the here is an Itallian antique one.

I am making good progress with the figures and have combined them with Corinthian style column plinths – I will then top them with 3 arm candelabra fittings to make working lights.

I started by not having the confidence to combine all the elements into one, and also trying out other figures before settling with the two final ones.

Of course it wasn’t all plain sailing to get to the stage I’m at now, and one of the reasons I initially didn’t have the confidence to print the figure and base together is pictured below!

In case you can’t recognise what it is… it’s a snapped off cherubs head stuck to the print head of my printer!

Watch this space for more news as they progress!


This Blog is all about what I am doing right now with my 3D printer – I will post regularly on my successes, failures and finished results!

Each new blog entry appears here, with the previous posts available below it – so the very latest news is always the first thing you see!


20/07/2020  Take a look at the previous post to see the full story on the Elephant clock pictured above. Briefly, I designed this clock for a special commission fireplace garniture.

This is the design on the computer screen ready to print
When printed the clock has extra supports and base
The shape is revealed when the supports are removed
The 3D print was then cleaned up, primed and painted with a faux Malachite, bronze and gilt finish. the clock face was added afterwards.
The clock is the centrepiece of a garniture which includes two (also 3D printed) vases painted with faux Malachite and gilt and filled with flowers.

And also...

The elephant clock was just one of the fun parts of two commission fireplaces I have just finished. They included an new 3D printed overmantle for one of them and a Limoges china style 5 piece garniture.

The Elephant clock on its fireplace with matching flower vases. The fire on the painted granite hearth is also 3D printed
Both the ornaments and overmantle picture frame is 3D printed.
This 5 piece Limoges china style garniture is 3D printed then hand painted. I hope to make more sets to sell (when I have a moment!)

This is how the Limoges China fireplace overmantle comes off the printer like. It then needs a good trim and clean up before gilding and adding the picture.


This Blog is all about what I am doing right now with my 3D printer – I will post regularly on my successes, failures and finished results!

Each new blog entry appears here, with the previous posts available below it – so the very latest news is always the first thing you see!

A small elphant clock which acts as a stand for a pocket watch
I saw this clock at Chatsworth house on a (pre-covid 19) visit and fell in love with it, and this became the inspiration for my clock base.

I didn’t explain why I was trying to make an Elephant clock in my last post, and you may indeed wonder why an elephant clock? – well why not I say! No seriously, I had come across them first in the V&A museum, and then saw more on my regular trawls over the years through the internet for ideas! They seem to be of two kinds, Bronze or gold elephant on marble base, or white china, hand painted in a riot of colours and gold – and I love both!
   But the perfect storm combination for me to make one, fell into place with the advent of me getting to grips with my 3D printer, and getting a commission to do a fireplace where a wallpaper sample was sent to me for the room the fireplace was going in, and it had an elephant on it. Elephant wallpaper sounds a bit mad but it is a fantastic one that would not look out of place in Brighton Pavillion!
   Oh – and I love elephants! (I even had an Indian elephant with howdah on my wedding invitations!)

(above) This is what the file looks like on my computer screen before I send it to print
So this post is all about the ongoing process of the creation of this clock.
   I touched on it in my last post – I had designed the clock and had done my first print of it. (see below)

You can see that the print looks nothing like the image on the screen, this is because I have printed it with raft (to increase the footprint and so decrease the danger of detaching form the build plate) and supports (to support ! the overhanging or fragile bits of the print).

These are removed to reveal something that looks a bit more like the desired finished object….

Large version with raft and supports removed
Large and small versions - small still has raft and supports.

You can see from the pictures above that the clock is starting to look more like the computer file now that it has had its raft and support removed. The next stage is to clean up the surfaces before priming and painting.
   I printed two sizes of this piece as I was not sure which would work best, but this is going on a really big fireplace and actually the larger one is just the right size.
   The trouble is now I can’t decide whether to make it a white china clock on a marble base or a gold clock with enamel on marble base… I think looking at it in these photos my gut instinct is to go for gold and bronze elephant on a dark green marble base with gold details.
  I’ll post pictures of the finished clock here, but think I may clean up the smaller clock and do it as white china with colour details and gold accents just to see what one would like!



This Blog is all about what i am doing right now with my 3D printer – I will post regularly on my successes, failures and finished results!

Each new blog entry appears here, with the previous posts available to view using the arrows at the bottom of the page – so the very latest news is always the first thing you see!

10 July 2020
Its great to start on a high note with me now able to produce my own dolls – both for stock and for custom orders.

Selene and her maid on the right here,  show both styles that I produce. The Maid is on my standing body (I do a male and female version) – her head, body and legs are all one piece with separate arms with wire from the shoulder to elbow enabling me to fine tune the pose when she’s finished.

Both Selene and Olga are produced from my Eve doll shape – with 14 separate parts which are fused into the required pose before decorating.

– Forgot to mention the dressing table mirror is printed too!

Selene and her maid
Olga is the same Eve doll as Selene

Meet the dee-daw crowd...

Take a look below at some of my current stock people. Eve the 14 part doll is custom made to order only, but all standing dolls are usually available from stock.

Elephant Clock

I also want to use this blog not only to showcase what is possible, but also let you know what I am developing for future use.
  The great thing about having such a lot of commissions to do is that I am always making new things for orders, and this then sparks ideas for other pieces.
   At the moment (still hot off the printer in fact) I am working on an elephant clock to go on a fireplace mantlepiece.

This is what the file looks like on the computer (above left) and the printed item looks nothing like it!

   Its OK though – what happens is that if you have bits on the object to be printed that overhang, you tell the printer to add supports to hold it in place, which you then remove when its printed. You can see that the elephants trunk has supports, as does the body of the clock to support the overhang of the plinth the elephant is standing on.
   You can also add a ‘raft’ which increases the footprint of the printed item making it less likely to detach while printing and cause endless stress and heartache to the person printing it! Prints detaching are still the bane of my (printing) life – its always when you need it least to happen!
   I will add follow up pictures in my next post as this is a live piece that I am making for a commission.


I have been tinkering around with a birdcage for ages – I had wanted to make a round one with domed top – but the domed top is proving elusive (remember I will be making this as a stock piece so need to consider ease of construction as well as printing) – its just a bit too fiddley to put together and get a consistent curve on the top as you can see below. But I am really pleased with the swinging perch and think the cockatoo looks great on it.
   However, after trawling through my archives for pictures for the gallery section I came across these cages I did a long time ago – they were made from a Glenowen display cabinet (Glenowen went out of business years ago) and I think something like this has potential – so watch this space…

That’s about it for now, I’ll update on the Elephant clock once I have stripped off the supports and got one painted. I will also add a piece about the electric fires I make for my fireplaces and stove ovens.

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