The idea of 3D printing sounds straight out of science fiction, and to a certain extent it is – read on below for an explanation of what it is, and to find out how I use my printer to make my exclusive miniatures and accessories.


The 3D printer seems to be behaving itself at the moment (famous last words!) and I have been busy making my regular accessories for my dressers and dining rooms, but I have had time to run off some torcheres, dolls and ornaments.
   The ebony and gold torcheres turned out so well I am going to make a matching gold chandelier covered in the same gold leaves – I love a bit of bling!
   The Bell Boy was such a sweetie to make for the hotel project in Germany – the interesting thing, in terms of 3D printing, is that as I wanted a teenager doll, I printed a regular doll at 3/4 the original size – that’s one of the great things about 3D printing – you can scale and resize things to your requirements rather than create whole new files to print!
   I am really pleased with the combination of ornament files I can now print reliably and regularly, it makes every piece unique and a one off – read more on the 3D PRINTING BLOG below…

Three Choices...

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Take a look below at a few of my favourite 3D printed pieces – there are more in the GALLERY section. This selection covers the broad range of items I currently create from full dolls to cans and packets for my kitchen dressers, to the urns, fires and clocks on fireplaces, and much more!-

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