The idea of 3D printing sounds straight out of science fiction, and to a certain extent it is – read on below for an explanation of what it is, and to find out how I use my printer to make my exclusive miniatures and accessories.

25/06/22    New products and accessories…

As the saying goes ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ and after having experienced so many shortages of items due to COVID affecting manufacturing, I am now firmly of the mindset that I can 3D print almost anything miniature I need.
   My most recent successes prove my point – The lovely pedestal that the Macaws and Cockatoos perch on is my own printed design which I paint to look like mahogany, the arch the birds sit on is wire which sits into sockets designed into the oval pedestal top.
   When I was hit with a shortage of wicker baskets, and no nice designs of wooden crates I printed my own, and I love the new pot bellied cast iron casserole pots I have created and as the lids are separate I can leave it open and fill it with a stew made from my new found fun thing to do – making fimo meat and vegetables!
   Have a look at the 3D blog where I go into more detail about the columns and baskets.

Three Choices...

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Take a look below at a few of my favourite 3D printed pieces – there are more in the GALLERY section. This selection covers the broad range of items I currently create from full dolls to cans and packets for my kitchen dressers, to the urns, fires and clocks on fireplaces, and much more!-

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