Read below for a quick explanation in simple terms what 3D printing is and how it works. To see examples of what I have made so far take a look at the 3D Gallery page and for the latest news on whats printing NOW take a look at the 3D PRINTING DIARY page. 

FIRST: a quick bit about 3D printing - briefly its very similar to printing a photo with your home computer and printer.

You have an electronic document on your computer, which instead of a photo, has a drawing of an object in three dimensions on it.


ABOVE: this is a top view of a document with some test jam pans and packaging on it.

The computer is connected to the printer and you tell the printer to make the object. A clever bit of software takes the 3D drawing and 'slices' it into horizontal layers which the printer can print one at a time.

The print head moves across the page extruding filament or not, as the software tells it building up layers one at a time.

Instead of ink, the 3D printer has a spool of filament (like a giant spool of thread on a sewing machine) The clever bit is that the print head, instead of spraying drops of ink on the page, melts the plastic filament and squirts out a line of plastic (like squeezing a tube of toothpaste).

ABOVE: the print head (top right) moves along two parallel bars going both front to back and side to side (along the two silver horizontal bars going across to the print head) to cover every part of the print bed (the blue area).

The picture above shows a print is in progress and you can see the shells (outside skins) filled with a honeycomb pattern (infil) to reduce the amount of filament used and print time taken.

ABOVE: The same print run when finished showing large cans, boxes and some test books on the right hand side. The books were then painted and decorated and used on the bookshelves of the desk below.



What you don't see in the picture is that not only did I paint the book cover and added detail to the spine, I also gilded the pages!

Below: A queen Mary storage dresser (£64) in cream featuring many of the new vintage packaging and stoneglaze accessories.


The Queen Mary dresser with storage accessories was one of the first pieces to use my own accessories - the cans and packets are combined with labelled glass jars for a packed effect. (also in green ).

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