Please note all stock items on this page are from 2012/13/14 and may no longer be available or are now order only as prices have changed since then or I am unable to make more as some items have been discontinued by suppliers - please email if something mentioned is not available on the
DEE-DAW SHOP pages. Also links to stock lists will not work as they are now out of date.


Where do I begin? It's been a couple of months since I last added to this news page, and I've had a rollercoaster ride between then and now! The 'highs' were the launch of the Theatre Royal at Miniatura, a fabulous Kensington Dollshouse Festival in May, and a great visit the 1ZU12 show in Germany.

Unfortunately the 'downs' rather took it out of me and I had a few days off after organising my first funeral. I had further time off to sort out probate and a house sale (selling someone else's house is almost as stressful as doing it for yourself!)

However things seem to be back on track and I am now in full swing writing Theatre Royal articles, making stock and updating my range ready for an exciting autumn show season. As per usual I have made things more difficult for myself as I intend to change the whole scene on the theatre stage, as I want to add a sunken area in the middle of the stage and 'live' music! I will also have to do it soon too, as I have just caught up with myself in terms of writing the story so far!

I am please to say that I will be attending the NEW MINIATURA SHOW on the 16th of November (1 day only) at Cranmore Park Birmingham. (My full Autumn 2014 show season can be found on the show dates page of this website.)

But getting back to the top of the rollercoaster… I am really pleased with my new Chintz kitchen range. I was getting a bit bored with doing cooking stuff in the kitchen, and so I have created a pale blue and distressed gold range, covered in flowers!

ABOVE: The new Chintz Kitchen range

The table contains a mixture of flowers pot plants and cakes ready for afternoon tea (£39), the small sink contains a bucket with water being pumped into it ready to take the freshly picked garden flowers beside it (£37). The large and small dressers contain a mixture of floral china, most of which are my own design (£44 and £39), and have lace edged shelves. The stove has a mixture of floral and white tiles on its back and features a mixture of bright copper pans and floral accessories (£59). The rocking chair has a floral padded seat and separate floral cushion - perfect to add a sleeping cat! (£16) The set is completed with my newest doll Rose - she is in a floral dress and carries a bunch of flowers - what else could she be called! (£59)

Other items of new stock include the Blenheim Fireplace, This is an exclusive item as I create the fireplace structure before decorating and electrifying it - I also make the lamps and fire screen to my own design. It is cream coloured with masses of hand-painted and carved gilt detailing, with a real glass mirror. I also hand paint the cast metal ornaments and clock. (£79) The Blenheim fireplace is 215mm high, 120mm wide and 40mm deep.

My new card table is soon to be followed by a matching chess table. (£29)

I have revisited Marcus in bed, changed his furniture and bedcovers to create a very masculine suite ideal for any gentleman's room! It consists of Marcus in bed with breakfast tray and newspaper, two bedside tables with electric lamps, wardrobe and washstand - completed with accessories. (£84)

Although the maid with tea tray and Madame Ruby are not new range items they have been restyled and refreshed. The maid has a large silver tray and tea set (including milk in the jug) and a glass dish of cakes. (£59) Madame Ruby is now on a chaise more suited to her luxurious tastes! (£89)

Rebecca is new - she sits in a cream armchair with lace anti-macassers and admires her jewellery collection, I have not made my mind up whether she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth or acquired the jewels through various immoral means! (£44)

ABOVE: Rebecca reviews her jewel collection

I have also created a new colour way in the scarlet Duchess bedroom in duck egg blue with exclusive lights. The set consists of bed, two bedside tables, two electric lamps, dressing table, stool, mirror and wardrobe (£79).

ABOVE: The new blue Duchess bedroom suite with exclusive electric lamps

I am also working on replenishing my stock of banqueting tables (£129 each including four lights, exclusive china design and table centres with eight silk upholstered chairs) - my new Golden Fruit version is selling alongside my Mason's set as fast as I can make it, and I am also working on a set with white furniture and gold chairs - This would look great at a wedding banquet and I am thinking about doing a thinner single sided table for the top table at a wedding reception (please e-mail me if you would be interested in more details)

ABOVE: The new golden fruit banqueting table set for 8 with exclusive plates, lights and centrepiece - includes silk upholstered chairs.

I have to just quickly finish this update with a few words about my visit to the 1 ZU 12 show in Germany. The show itself was really interesting with so many new things to see, I absolutely adored these tiny mice characters:

and I had to take a photo of these trolls - they reminded me so much of my friend Patsy (although she says they look like me!)

But the absolute jaw dropper of my trip was at the local chemist at our base in Lippstadt. I opened the door and could not believe what I was seeing - the shop dates from 1712 and looks to still have its original fixtures and fittings - There is no doubt in my mind that this is going to end up as a room box project, but until then here's a picture of one corner of the shop!

The area that the show is held in (Wesphalia) is so incredibly picturesque! It really does look like a chocolate box, if you need miniature project inspiration you really have to visit!

ABOVE: The little town of Soest was so unbelievably pretty
- we had to have a glass of strawberry beer and just sit and stare!


The secret is finally out - its a theatre! I will be adding more to this page soon, but after a very busy Miniatura show last week (and only just having the theatre ready to show in time), and with having to arrange a funeral this week I will be taking a few days off next week to take a few deep breaths and smell the flowers!


The BIG NEWS is that I have started the follow-on project from the Featherstone Hall Hotel. I was commissioned by Dolls House & Miniature Scene last year after I showed Publishing Editor Lucy Roper, a sketch of my idea, and I now have a huge carcase sitting in my studio - and I have just realised that, (once again) I have probably bitten off more than I can chew! However, part of the reason for doing this is to encourage others who, like me, have little house building experience and less sense, into thinking they can do it too!

I am a bit 'jump in with both feet and figure it out as we go along' and the huge carcase sitting on my bench is my own design, as there was not a kit available for the sort of building I needed. Unfortunately my style has not changed for this new project, which means that the potential for more and bigger mistakes is hugely increased! (Although I am really pleased with how it is going so far)

(above: As a pile of bits, it does not look too intimidating, but once the basic box started to take shape there were echoes of Featherstone Hall when I wanted to abandon the project as it was too big! NOTE: The building is on its back on the bench with the front on top)

The finished project is designed to be seen 'in the round' with double doors front and back. After completing and showing the 'front' interior section, I will complete the rear interior, and show it at the Autumn Miniatura show in September (hopefully on an island display so it can be seen front and back).

Of course already there have been adventures, opportunities and discussions (read mishaps, cock-ups and rows!) as is usual with such projects of mine, for instance:

Just what do you say when this happens?

The first article of the new series will start after the front has been revealed at the spring show. When the Featherstone Hall series started, a few people missed out on the first couple of articles in the series - so by starting it after showing it for the first time, you will have a chance to follow the project from the very beginning in Dolls House & Miniature Scene (Click here to go to the magazine website: http://www.collectors-club-of-great-britain.co.uk/Dolls-Houses-and-Miniatures/Magazines/Dolls-House-and-Miniature-Scene/_ch27_mg13 ).

Look out for more news soon on how the project is going,
along with more in progress pictures


I have added some preview pictures to the end of my current stock catalogue of items now available, here are a few more pictures and a bit more information on them:

The Dresden cabinet - Ivory with Gilt details and an applied decorative panel on each side, hand painted ornaments with three of the four inside Dee-Daw exclusives, glass panes and glass mirror back panel ONLY ONE AVAILABLE £49.00

The Geisha Garden cabinet - Ivory with Gilt details, hand painted ornaments with two of the four ornaments inside Dee-Daw exclusives, glass panes and glass mirror back panel ONLY ONE AVAILABLE £49.00

Hall table with mirror - a new stock item with large glass mirror over a faux marble topped wall table which holds a 5 arm candelabra flanked by two crystal rose bowls and a silver knight on horseback on the shelf below. £29

Albert - fixed sitting in chair holding a letter and envelope and wearing spectacles £39
- mahogany gentleman's desk available separately (includes electric lamp) £39

Spring Picnic in the Rolls! This couple are off to the countryside with their dog and a picnic basket packed with wine, fruit, sandwiches in a bag, china plates, glasses and cutlery. Everything is fixed in position ONE ONLY £139

A new addition to the Chateau Chic range - a demi lune wall table in peppermint with gilt details and 18th century garden scene on the top (includes 3 arm candelabra). £12

The Restoration Man! I couldn't resist doing another broken down car and mechanic after the DH&MS garage project - But instead of being in for repairs, this rusted and oily car is in need of a full restoration. ONE ONLY (includes all items - including mechanic) £129

A New addition to the kitchen ranges - a kitchen fireplace. This is based on the fireplace in the Butlers Pantry of Featherstone Hall (shown below) and space has been left on the top so that you could add a false chimney breast to it like in the Butlers Pantry. Both the glowing fire and oil lamp are electric. £49

And finally, I have caught up with my back orders for the Europa fireplace pictured below. What I don't get a chance to explain in my catalogue is how much work actually goes into each one. I make the structure of the fireplace from bought pieces plus extra parts I make myself. It is then painted to resemble Portland stone, and the pink panels painted, followed by the gold detailing (and not forgetting the hand painted soot on the chimney brickwork!) The painting is printed onto cotton artists canvas, then doped just like a real painting and varnished between three and five times to get the authentic oil painting look. The fire is made from a cast metal assembly, and painted then installed with the lights. The exclusive fire irons are painted black and gold, and the coal added to the fire bucket. I make the tall floral ornaments and the crystal and gilt posy vases before painting the figures and floral ornaments and adding them to the fireplace with the clock (to which I add the face and glass front). All in all its quite a lengthy process and I'm glad to say I now have stock available to sell instead of having them on back order!

Europa Fireplace £79

ADDED 31/01/2014

Just added an updated stock list with previews of new items to be included in the next list. Click NEW STOCK LIST to view it. I will be doing news and a newsletter next week.

ADDED 05/12/2013

Just added the new stock list - There are new items on nearly every page, but there is still more new stock to add at a later date!

ADDED 03/12/2013 - End of season and on to next year without a pause for breath!

Since I last added anything to this page I have been running around like a headless chicken from one thing to another with no time to think in between.

I attended the Dolls House Nederland show in Apeldorn, Holland in October, and launched my Featherstone Hall Hotel book in Europe. It went really well and was helped by a three page feature on the book in the Dolls House Nederland magazine. After the show we had a couple of extra days holiday and went to Het Loo (The dutch equivalent of our Buckingham Palace) it was beautiful - I took hundreds of photos of inspirational items and and was (almost) refreshed and de-stressed before lurching into my last two shows of the year!

The Midlands Dolls House Fair at Chateau Impney/Droitwich Spa is a lovely show, but unfortunately it was hit by a series of major road closures/accidents and other road problems which were covered by the national press, and I think a few people were put off from visiting (one of the show organisers was stuck in a traffic jam for several hours on her way to the show set up).

My last show of 2013 was my first Kensington Christmas Festival - I now have a regular position at the May two day show in one of the lower foyer rooms, and so I was excited to attend my first christmas show. We stayed at the Hilton Olympia (sounds really posh doesn't it - but it actually had the best priced deal going!) The show was great, brilliantly organised and very busy. The only downside was that although surrounded by magnificent miniatures I did not get a chance to have a look around at the other stands - the only walking around I got was escorting customers up the stairs to get signal on my credit card machine as there was none in the lower foyer!

This is a good time to explain the mention on the home page about making Europa Fireplaces. It is one of my regular pieces I am most proud of, as I make the fireplace structure, create some of the ornaments and paint all of them as well as producing the overmantle painting on real varnished canvas. I am currently out of stock and had four people waiting for one from my next batch, for which I had assembled all the parts but just not had time to make the fireplaces up. This (in theory) meant I had none to take to Kensington, which was a disaster, as it is a key piece in my range. I decided therefore that I should make up one, take it to Kensington and take orders for it (something I NEVER normally do) and so I finished the fireplace at 2am on the friday morning - we left for the show at 3pm! In a way I'm glad I did make the sample model - I took orders for another four at the show! Of course it now means that I have a batch of at least 10 to do as soon as possible - and I don't have time to make anything else! (good job the show season is over!)

Doing this made me think about how swamped I am feeling - its great to be in demand, but I only have one pair of hands! I am working from one show to another to make stock, and I have a whole shelving unit full of special pieces of undecorated stock that I simply don't have time to do, and so I have decided to change the way I work within the business.

Next year I am reducing the number of shows I am attending, with the aim to increase my number of one-off and new range pieces. This will give me time to get a working shop on this website, and allow me the time I need to produce the next big project for Dolls House & Miniature Scene magazine. Which if all goes according to plan will be previewed at the Spring 2014 Miniatura show.

My next job now is to create a new stock catalogue and get it on this website as fast as possible before starting work on the web shop, the europa fireplaces, the mag project and fulfilling other orders - did I mention I was feeling swamped!

PS I have nothing done for christmas either - the cards are not written, presents are not bought, food is not in the freezer and the decorations are definately not hung - Ho! Ho! Ho!

ADDED 24/09/13 MINIATURA - the full story
- Including the
FIRE in Featherstone Hall!

Before leaving to go to the show on Friday (20th) I stopped off at the local post office with a crate load of Featherstone Hall Hotel pre-ordered books and sent them to the corners of the world! (copies went as far as Hawaii, mainland USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and Scandinavia - as well as the UK)

With that done, it took us a couple of hours to get to the NEC Birmingham. We started by setting up my stand, then unloaded the Featherstone Hall Hotel and unpacked it, as it travels stuffed full of crunched up tissue paper and wrapped in cling film. We had to leave the hall at 8pm so I did not have time to get my stock out on the stand, and had to go in early on Saturday morning to finish setting up. My extra staff (Sam) arrived a half hour before the show opened and soon got herself familiar with the stock backstage.

I can't adequately convey how nervous I was about the show opening, would anyone want to buy a book - had I made a huge mistake - how embarrassed was I going to be if I had to take my boxes of books home!

As look would have it, my very first customer (and book sale!) of the day was a lovely lady from Ireland (Hi Jackie!) and it was all plain sailing from then on! I would like to thank everyone who has pre-ordered or bought a book at Miniatura. It was a leap of faith to publish, and all at my own risk, but your lovely comments about the book have really made it worthwhile! I know now that people do want the book and have enjoyed reading it!

After a great day on Saturday at the show, we got back to our hotel at about six, and although we had a lovely meal, the service was appalling! But we were too tired let it spoil the day. On the Sunday morning after we got to the show and switched the lights on I noticed a bulb was out on one of the dining room chandeliers - I twisted it to see if it would come back on, and it crackled and burned my fingers, the transformer behind the scenes went up in a cloud of smoke and the wiring started to burn! Smoke was billowing out of the back of the house and I was hopping about holding my fingers! My first reaction was to panic and shout for my hubby! (after switching off the electricity!) He was soon on hand and although we could not get the offending chandelier to work, the rest of the house was lit during the show.

Once again when the show was over we were the last to leave the hall as not only do I have to pack up my stand and stock , but Featherstone Hall is a job in itself! We did pretty well for time as we were not so late as the spring Miniatura - the exhibition staff were still dismantling the walls when we left! (at the Spring show everyone had gone apart from the organisers who were waiting for us to leave!)

With the book launch and Miniatura behind me I can now focus on making stock for my next show - The dolls House Nederland show in Apeldoorn, Holland in October, and try to build on the launch success of the book, by making copies available from several different outlets - more news on this soon.

ADDED 24/09/13 Late pictures of the Dairy!

I have only just got round to updating the website and thought it best to do it in order - so here are a couple of pictures of the Dairy I made for the new Dolls House & Miniature Scene projects book which was launched at Miniatura - it was on display on the DH&MS stand along with the Garage which is in the current issue of the magazine.

The scene consists of two rooms, one for milking and one for dealing with the milk. In the barn side are two cows (one is a converted bull - the full story is in the book!) a milkmaid several curious chickens and a young sheepdog. In the cheese making room both cheese butter and ice cream are made.

ADDED 14/09/13 Countdown to Minatura!

I have now collected the book from the printers, but have still to add the individually numbered bookplates. The card postal envelopes will be with me next week and I will hopefully start to mail copies out soon after. Thank you to everyone who has ordered a pre launch copy - now that I have processed the orders I have opened the Featherstone Hall Hotel book shop on this website. Click here to go straight to it:

http://www.dee-dawdesigns.com/userimages/procart2.htm This is a fully automated shopping page and is set up to take not only UK, but USA, Europe, and Australian orders.

I am currently working around the clock to make stock for Miniatura - because I was doing my book this summer I do not have the quantity I would usually take, but I will still have a selection of new and one-off items I always make such a large show (details will follow!)

ADDED 06/09/2013 The time has finally come!

After updating this website I will be contacting all those people who have been in touch over the last couple of years, to register their interest in a copy of the Featherstone Hall Hotel book.

About 48 hours after offering copies to the waiting list, I will then open a specific Featherstone Hall Hotel book shop page on this site, where the book can be bought online 24/7 and which will offer worldwide postage options. People who have supplied postal addresses rather than e-mail will shortly be receiving a printed leaflet with all the necessary ordering information.

The official launch of the book will be at Miniatura, where it will go on sale to the public for the first time.

The Featherstone hall Hotel - a dolls house story, is an 164 page paperback with gloss cover. It is A4 landscape format to better allow for full room, full page pictures.

Contents include: all of the 24 room by room articles including the 'How to...' sections, tip and information panels, many new photographs, a new section on the changes and repairs made since the publication of the last of the monthly articles, a new section on the decoration of the door interiors, room by room supplier listings, gallery of other work and a new chapter of advice and summary of lessons learned from the project.

Each of the limited first edition books will be hand numbered on a bookplate inside the front cover, and books will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

The book costs £19.99 plus £3.60 postage via First Class Royal Mail (signed for delivery) to UK customers or £19.99 plus £10.00 for Royal Mail Airmail to the USA, £19.99 plus £6.60 for airmail postage to mainland Europe, or £19.99 plus £10.60 Airmail to Australia.

ABOVE: The front cover of the book BELOW: Sample pages from the book

I went to see the start of book being printed on Wednesday 4th September. I have to confess to getting quite emotional at the time, as it seems an age since I stood looking at the empty shell of the house thinking 'I can't do it' and even longer since the editor of DH&MS said 'when can we have it' when I told her about my idea for a new big project.

I took some pictures of the cover and one of the interior sheets on the press:

BELOW: And this is me beside the printing press, and at the proofing table, checking the pages, hot off the press! (the screen in the background shows a video feed of the print rollers in action so that the print teams can keep an eye on things without running up and down the machine all day!)

ADDED 30/08/2013 There has been quite a gap since I last added anything to my news page. This is because I have been busy with the Featherstone Hall Hotel book. Not only have I written it, and taken most of the photographs, but I have also designed it, had it proof read(thank you Christine and Martin), then corrected the proofs! (I am lucky to have a background in publishing so I have had complete control over the book and its appearance).

The good news is that the book is now finished and in the hands of the printer. They should have it on the print presses early next week, and I hope to be able to press pass it (go and see it being printed and check the print quality). I should be collecting it the following week.

This brings me to my waiting list for copies of the book. I will be in touch with all those who have contacted me expressing an interest in the Featherstone Hall Hotel book next week. I am currently waiting confirmation of packaging and postal costs. Once I have those confirmed I can then set up an ordering/payment system. I hope to make it available to buy online via this website - I will set up a shop page on which you can order and pay online, whilst still operating my usual e-mail system for those who prefer to contact me directly - and I'll send you a Paypal invoice. I will also accept cheques and postal orders.

I will be able to post out copies to orders from the waiting list, before the official launch of the book at Miniatura on the 21st of September 2013.

The book will have a special bookplate added to the inside cover which will individually number each copy of this limited first edition. The paperback book has 164 pages, with a glossy front and back cover. It is A4 landscape format, to better allow for full room, full page, pictures. Contents include: all of the 24 room by room articles, including the 'How to' sections, tips, and many new photographs, a new section on changes since the publication of the last of the monthly articles, a new section on the decoration of the door interiors, room by room supplier listings, gallery of other work and new chapter of advice and summary of lessons learned from the project.

I will add more sample pages from the book to this page as soon as possible.

ADDED 31/07/13 I am getting quite excited about the Featherstone Hall Hotel book - I now have a ring binder in which I keep print outs of completed pages and its growing nicely! (The front cover is done and will be revealed here soon.) At the end of this week I have a friend coming over who will be proof reading the pages (checking for mistakes and things not lining up).

Once she has passed the pages, and I have done any corrections needed, I will create a PDF file (its like taking a photo of the page) and send it to the printers (Warners Midlands Ltd - they own and print DH&MS magazine). I have already sent some test pages to check that our systems will work together (what a relief that was to get the OK!) Although I used to design magazines years ago, I was a bit worried I might not be able to hack it - since technology has moved on so much!

The other exciting news is that the book has an ISBN number! (International Standard Book Number; a numerical code given to a book which uniquely identifies it) which to me means that it is a REAL book - not a supplement or vanity printing.

I have firmed up today the print schedule and I will have printed copies available in early September. I will be taking payments for copies from the end of August and will contact all those who have expressed an interest in the book and website news subscribers, with details on how to buy the first copies of the limited first edition around the 19th of August.

The book is 164 pages A4 landscape format full colour, and will be £19.99 plus £3.50 UK postage (signed for delivery) or £10.40 to the USA, £10.90 to Australia and £6.90 to Europe. (The postage prices may be reduced - I am still looking at alternatives to the Royal Mail)

ADDED 20/07/13 I have started work on the Featherstone Hall Hotel book this weekend! I will be updating this page regularly with progress so that those of you waiting for a copy can keep up with the production of your book!

The front and back covers (and spine) are all nearing completion, and the galley is complete. The galley contains all 24 of the Featherstone articles on one document, which have been sub-edited to turn them into book chapters and are ready to be added to the book pages.

All the pages have to be designed by mid August ready to be made into proofs by the printer, which I will then do a final check on. I have a chance to make slight alterations at this stage, then I will pass for print and let the printers do their stuff. One printed I will collect the books and add a special bookplate inside which will have the individual number of the book. (I am doing a limited first edition) and then hopefully send it on to its new owner!

The first time the book will go on general sale will be at the Autumn Miniatura show in September. It will be available from the Dee-Daw Designs stand which is next to the hall (Featherstone Hall has its own stand at the show as it is an exhibition piece) - complete with its decorated door interiors.

Its not too late to register for a copy - send your name via the contact page on the left (or to the PO box details on the same page) - and I will be in touch to offer you a copy before it goes on sale at Miniatura. Registering is not an obligation to buy - but you will get the first opportunity to buy a limited first edition book!

ADDED 08/07/2013 Just added a picture of my latest project for Dolls House and Miniature Scene magazine. I have been wanting to do this scene for a while now, and rather than put it in a conventional box, I decided to disguise it by making a realistic looking toolbox. I have been having quite a lot of fun with this project, as usually I prefer to do things with a bit of glitz and glamour and definitely clean and shiney! It has been a challenge grunging up items for the project. I have been playing with all sorts of mucky, dusty and rusty effects and I have even beheaded an old man!

The project will appear first in the mag in the October and November issues - if you would like to pre-order a copy of the magazines, click on this link to go to the DH&MS website:


I have also just confirmed that I will be attending the Kelham Dolls House Fair on the 14th July at Kelham Hall, Kelham, near Newark, Nottinghamshire NG23 5QX (on A617 to Mansfield) the show has been running for 20 years now - and this will be my first time attending. The show is open 10:30 to 4pm.

ADDED 02/07/2013 Pleased to say I have been invited to the 2nd City of London show at the Tower Hotel on 2nd February - more later.

ADDED 01/07/2013 Just a quick update, I have been off work with a chest infection for the last week and I'm now (slowly!) trying to pick up where I left off. I will add more to this page after I have waded through all the post and e-mails!

ADDED 14/06/2013

TONNES OF NEWS! its been a very positive week. York show was heaving with visitors, and most of them made it upstairs to see the Dee-Daw stand and the Featherstone Hall door panels. One of the mini shelf displays had a little accident and snapped off but it will be back in place for Miniatura in September!

The two banqueting tables I made to take to York show, never made it, as just before the I started packing to go, both were sold (One to Australia and one to Cornwall - to ladies who had the same initials - how spooky is that!) So I will have to work on some more for Miniatura.

I heard this week that I can look forward to a regular position at the Kensington Dollshouse Festival in May and I have received my first invite to the one day Kensington Christmas Festival on the 30th November. I'm still hoping to get a place at the new City of London show run by the Kensington Show organiser, but will have to wait and see on that one.

I think the best good news is that I have finally made a new stock list and got it online! You can open it in a new window by clicking this link: Dee-Daw Designs Stock List or take a look at the individual pages on the Dee-Daw Shop page (click on the tab on the left of this page)

I have just arranged to do another class at PMJ Miniatures at the end of this month. It ties in with my new doll, Jim the delivery man - we are going to do a delivery bicycle! It will have a packed basket - back and front, advertising panel, leather seat and grips on the handlebars. I'm going to be starting work on the example as soon as I have finished updating these pages - so watch this space!

Above: Meet Jim - He'll soon have a bike!

ADDED 08/06/2013

ADDED 21/05/2013

YORK SHOW - SUNDAY 9th June 2013


As the weather was so awful for the recent Miniatura Show (see below - 26/03/2013) I have decided to take the newly decorated Featherstone Hall door interior panels to the York show. They will be displayed next to the Dee-Daw Designs stand on the top level of the show (stand 143) and will be lit as at Miniatura. As well as featuring lights, the interior panels have small platforms which hold dressed scenes to match the corresponding room in the house - and also include several new people.

Above: The Featherstone Hall Hotel as shown for the first time at Spring Miniatura 2013 complete with its door panels - Both panels (but not the house) will be shown at York.


The Featherstone book has taken a step nearer to existence this week when I received a blank copy of the book from the printer to confirm the paper specification and size. It was quite surreal to look at, when in my head I have the picture of the finished full colour book!


As mentioned on the news page I got caught hopping when I realised that I was due to do a class next week, however, as luck would have it I already had the items in for a class we did not do last year. I have just completed the sample and tickets will be available from Patsy at PMJ Miniatures (01945 582004) from today! (I think the class is filling up quickly as Patsy has a list to contact by phone as soon as class details are set)

ADDED 13/05/13

As mentioned on the home page, I am just back from Kensington Dollshouse Festival.

What an extraordinary show! The standard of the work on sale, and range of countries represented in exhibitors was amazing. I am really proud to be included among them, and so always 'push the boat out' to have as many one-off and new items for sale as possible.

Above: A selection of cars and associated figures on the Dee-Daw stand with gentlemen and desk/study items in the foreground.

Above: This banqueting table set for eight was made for, and sold at Kensington. I had never produced a lit dining table - and had to make one table from two smaller ones to accommodate eight place settings (it is completed with my exclusive china, and fruit filled table centre). I really enjoyed making it and will be making more for the Miniatura show in September.

I was a little concerned when I found out that the space I had been offered was on the lower floor - and in a room off the lower floor. But I need not have worried, the amount of people who came to the stand (especially on the Saturday) was great. In fact we could have done with a doorman to limit the number of people in the room at any time on a couple of occasions!

The air of panic during these busy times was heightened by the fact that there was no signal for my credit card machine, which meant that every card transaction had to take place halfway up the stairs to the ground floor! (although it was quite funny asking strange men - its always the husbands who pay!- to take a walk upstairs with me!)

I have now decided on my Summer/Autumn 2013 lines and will be working on getting them onto a new stock list next (followed by making the items after that!)

ADDED (IN A HURRY) 10/05/13

Added 26/04/2013

Its still quite late at night (see 25/04/2013 entry below!) but I have so much to catch up on I need to start somewhere! after Miniatura I had to quickly get on with making replacement stock before the Pudsey show in Leeds. This was doubly important as we had decided to add a couple of extra days to the trip up to Leeds and have a mini break before the show. I'm not sure it was such a good idea - I had to work twice as hard as I had less time to make stock before going away. I decided that after the successful hotel change for Miniatura (I abandoned my usual Premier Inn - nice as it was - for a nearby hotel with heated swimming pool and hot tub for the same price!) I would do the same again (my usual hotel for the show was fully booked) so I again opted for a hotel with pool and hot tub - but the hotel was not quite of the same standard as the Miniatura one - and the hot tub was not up to scratch either! However it was nice to have some family time - and we even visited the Tropical Gardens in Leeds on the way home on sunday (complete with crocodiles and snakes!) Sad as I am, I have to confess to buying some small (toy) tropical birds in the souvenier shop as I am planning a stuffed bird display case!

It was a pleasure earlier this week to complete the dolls house dolls house made during the February Do It with Dee-Daw evening class. We all had quite a laugh - as the scale is so much smaller than we would all ususally do! I think I should have supplied tweezers - but of course Patsy (of PMJ Miniatures where the classes are held) had a box load on hand for just such an emergency!

Above: You can see by the pound coin above this was a tiny project. The house and the interior were produced at the February class.

I suppose the top gossip in this section has to be that I have had a meeting with Lucie Roper - Editor of Dolls House & Miniature Scene magazine, and we have firmed up the deal to produce the Featherstone Hall Hotel book. It will be a limited first edition of 1000 individually numbered copies, and will be sold for the first time at the coming Autumn Miniatura show at the end of September.

The book will be a quality, full-colour paperback, featuring new and previously unpublished photographs, and will sell for £19.99. It will contain all of the 24(!) Featherstone Hall Hotel articles published by DH&MS magazine plus additional unpublished details of the rennovation work and construction of the door interior scenes shown for the first time at the 60th Miniatura show (see 26/03/2013 below for pictures).

All those who have resgistered interest in the book will have a chance to buy a pre-launch copy, and I will contact all those who supplied either post or e-mail details closer to the publication date with offer details. If you are interested in a pre-launch copy, and have not yet been in touch, please send me a mail (including your contact details) and I'll add you to the list. I'm pleased to say the list is currently running at hundreds of names, so it would be great to think that (like the first issue of DH&MS that FHH featured in) we could sell out of the first edition!

I will add details of some of my new items for Kensington over the coming weekend.

Added 25/04/2013

23.40! - I need to get a life!

I have just completed the updating of the home page to this site and realised that its 11:40 and I am shattered! I will add all the news and pictures I mentioned on the home page tomorrow!

Added 26/03/2013


I spent the week running up to Miniatura working every minute of the day (and night!) to complete the FHH door ineriors and repairs as well as making stock. Imagine my despair when the weather took a turn for the worse and we had to seriously consider whether to go to the show or not, and if we got there would we get back through the many feet of snow forecast.

We took the chance and set of Friday afternoon with the trailer in tow containing FHH, and fearing for the worst. However the roads were clear and dry and we arrived in good time for setting up. By the time my mum had followed on after picking up my daughter from school there was a full blown blizzard under way.

It took a lot longer than usual to set up, and by 8pm (kicking out time for set-up) although the house was ready my stand still had to have the stock put on display. I got quite emotional when after both doors were attached to the house I stood back to check it was OK. I had never seen it complete with its dressed doors until that moment, and I was thrilled with the effect - the dressed doors really complete the whole house.

The next morning, imagine my despair when I opened the hotel curtains to reveal the snow. Who on earth was going to come to a Dolls House show in this! After setting up the stock on the stand I braced myself for a miserable day. How wrong could I be? Although the hall was not packed with people those that did come, were determined to shop! - After all I do run a business and making money is important! I spent a lot of time talking to visitors about FHH, and was pleased that everyone liked the improvements and door decorations. The two main topics of converstaion were the new LED lights on the inside of the doors (no wires needed) and the small, half round shelves on the inside of the doors to hold small dressed groups.

(These new additions will be added to the content of the FHH book out in the autumn) After a great day saturday it was wonderful to unwind with a dip in the hotel hot tub then a stunning meal (and several glasses of wine). Sunday started again with snow, and although the show was quieter than on the saturday, like all the other stall holders - I was just pleased that someone came to the show. We had visitors from Ayreshire, Isle of Wight, Wales, Ireland, Spain, Finland, Holland and you just had to admire their determination for coming! As per usual, when I take FHH to the show, we are always the last to leave the hall. The show closed at 4.30, and I think it was about 8pm when we finally left the NEC. With several hours of travelling ahead it was a long day, and we were relieved to get home and get to bed!

I am now in the process of unpacking, doing a stock audit, and starting to get moving making more stock.

Added 18/03/2013

PANIC SETS IN - I am working all hours to complete the Featherstone rennovations. After dropping the larger of the front panels and smashing off the porch (see below) I left the house for a couple of days as I felt so disheartened. I focused on making some stock for Miniatura and created a 'Tally-Ho!' dining room, featuring my own design fox hunting themed plates and stunning red silk chairs. I also made a new fireplace - the Europa, complete with electric lights and fire, with exclusive Dee-Daw ornaments and clock.

Above: Tally-Ho dining room and Europa Fireplace

After this light relief from Featherstone rennovations I returned to the hall. I have completed the house door interior decoration, completed some small changes to the rooms and just have to remake the revolving front door!

Added 05/03/2013

DISASTER STRIKES! I think the spirit of Hall is upset at my deconstruction of it's revolving door. I brushed past the larger of the two door panels today and turned around to watch in horror as (almost in slow motion!) it tipped forward, and fell to the floor, breaking off the porch section. Which is now in the exact pieces it came as in kit form two years ago. The brick paper on the front is torn to shreads and I said a bit more than 'Oh dear' at the time!

On reflection this may be an opportunity to do something different, but at the moment the disaster list seems to be growing - others have included breaking a lovely glass bedside lamp and having to remake the matching pair with a glass bead base (pictured below) not having the right fabric to complete the 'matching' curtains for some rooms, and breaking the leg off a (not inexpensive) chest of drawers which I had glued in position a little too securely! The saga will continues I'm sure...

Above: This was once a Heidi Ott lamp, but after breaking the glass base (it matched the lamp shade) I had to deconstruct the lamp and remake the pair with a cut glass bead as a new base.

Added 01/03/2013

Above: The freshly unpacked FHH before the deconstruction - note the intact revolving door! (see below for more details)

I am knee deep in deconstructed Featherstone Hall, I have had some more catastrophes with which to add colour to my additional material for the FHH book, I did not have all the fabrics and papers I needed - and as the house was completed two years ago many items have been discontinued, so I have had to come up with some strange improvisations! (more on that another time!) The most satisfaction I got when deconstructing, was removing the revolving door from the reception - avid FHH fans will know I feared for my sanity when making it first time round - so it seems bizarre to enjoy breaking it - but I feel that although it was originally a good solution to the problem, two years on I think I can do better....time will tell!

Had a fantastic time last wednesday at my Do It With Dee-Daw Class, where we decorated a plain white painted dolls house dolls house. It went so well the class have decided they would like a garden to go with the house, which we will do in the next class in mid April. In the meantime I think this would make a great fun kit and will add it to my products to do list!

Added 10/02/2013

Just confirmed the next do it with Dee-Daw class on weds 27th February 2013, and added details to this site. It has taken me two days to design the panels we are going to apply to a ready made dolls house dolls house. However, after making up the sample to have on display at PMJ Miniatures (where the class will be held) I am so pleased with it I think I will develop it up into a kit - It will be a nice extra to take to Miniatura in march - I quite like the idea of a mini Featherstone Hall! I am incredibly busy at the moment. I need to make stock for Miniatura, complete (start!) the renovations of Featherstone Hall to take it to Miniatura, I have orders to complete for customers, and trying to finalise show booking for the autumn.

The Autumn season this year could be hugely busy as I have just had a meeting with the Featherstone Hall Hotel book publishers (Dolls House & Miniature Scene) to get the ball rolling on getting the book out and launched at the Autumn Miniatura show in September. I will also be producing and electronic 'flipping page' book to download, which would hopefully be available through Amazon and the apple istore. But before that happens I have to finish the house, write the extra bits and design the pages.... hand me broom please someone!

Added 28/01/2013

The City of London dollshouse Show - where do I begin? I think hellos are due first - Lovely lovely Ayesha (hope you got home safely and the twins like your shopping!) The austalian lady with black coat and pinned up hair, the (many) ladies who took photos so they could remember the stand - and Tina with the piano!

We drove down to the show on saturday afternoon, and after checking in took a look around the Saint Katherines dock area behind the hotel ( I could not get over the hotel location - it was fabulous!) We ate in the hotel Brasserie then went for a walk over tower bridge towards HMS Belfast (in the rain - but you cant have everything!) We had to be up at 5.15am to get in position to bring in the stock during our 6-7am time slot. That all went smoothly, but when I got to my stand i had misunderstood the table shape and instead of having an 'L' shaped stand of 9ft (3m) selling space I only had a 6ft (2m) so I had to revise my stand setup plans on the spot and crammed it all in! By the time the show started at 10.30 the stand was dressed and all the price tickets were in place - and we even had time to have a 'Full English' breakfast (but at £21.50 each I think I might go for the continental next time!)

Above: The revised Dee-Daw stand during set up.

The show was busy all day straight from opening, and we hardly had time to breathe between sales. The stand was also filmed for Ukrainian TV(?) and photographed for the BBC world service websites (let me know if you see any coverage!)

Most of the one-off items I made for the show sold during the morning, and the new range products we well received too. The only downside is that I will have to work twice as hard to make sufficent stock for Miniatura in March - traditionally my biggest show of the year. Here are a few of my new items:

Above : New sink (£49) and stove with flickering fire (£54)

Above: New Du Barry fireplace (£62) and Chateau Chic Fireplace (£64)

Above: One-off green piano (£34)and Alhambra piano (£44)

Above: New Gentlemans desk with light and shell cabinet with reall sea shells

ADDED 15/01/13

Finally got into the new year and back to work! Stafford show on the 13th Jan was a disaterous trip! I was traveling in convoy with my mum and daughter following, and we took a wrong turn around Birmingham and lost each other, although we did eventually find each other (and the hotel!) The next morning at 7.30am we left the hotel on the way to the venue, and a tyre burst on my car! I had to leave my mum by the side of the road with the car waiting for the AA, while I made half a dozen trips to the venue to get my stand and stock to the show! During set up I then had to drop everything and go and pick up my mum (and the repaired car) as she can only drive automatics and mine is a manual!!!! On the way back to the show I hit a blackbird on the road and killed it (by accident). We managed to get the stand up and dressed with stock but were frantically still putting on price tickets when the show opened, when we left that night it was starting to snow... Hope the next show goes better!

Added 19/12/12

So Much has gone on since my last entry. Had a fantastic Miniatura show in September, had a bit of a holiday whilst in Holland for the Dolls House Nederland show in October. In November I attended the Chateau Impney show (Droitwich, Birmingham) and was overwhelmed by the response from customers, which then made it difficult to fill my 12ft stand for York show earlier this month! However I managed it, and actually I think my stand at York looked the best of all my shows this year - (I have added pictures to my shows page).

I also did a 'Do it with Dee-Daw' class in October to make a rather different christmas card (see below)

(There are more pictures on the 'Do it with Dee-Daw' page).

I am currently firming up my 2013 plans and will update this page with more news soon.

Added 10/09/2012

Amazing how much can go on in a few days. Had a ball at my last Do it with Dee-Daw class (we over-ran by 1 hour!) I am still making stock like there's no tomorrow, I have just got back from a weekend away at Stafford Dolls House Show, and I have just added a preview picture of some of my new Chateau Chic range which will be revealled in full at MINIATURA at the end of this month. here are a few more...

Above: Chateau Chic Bombe Commode £39
Featuring hand painted malachite (green marble) top, exclusive decoration to the chest - hand painted distressed gilt, with EXCLUSIVE garniture set (fixed on to the commode top) made by Dee-Daw Designs

Above: Featherstone Hall Hotel Butlers Pantry Desk/Bookcase £37
Featuring a Glenown bookcase dressed with individually made books, shelves stacked with papers, ledgers and ornaments, with the desk section (fixed open - does not fold away) packed with papers, pens, pencils, ink pots and stationery. This item is featured in the Featherstone Hall Hotel Butlers Pantry, next to Ronson the butler - another new item for the Autumn range (picture to follow - but he's exactly as per the one in Featherstone Hall!) £39

Above: Hunting Dresser £44 This item was first made as a project for Dolls House World magazine. I recently came accross a copy of the mag and have updated it to include lights and more gentlemans accessories including a crystal decanter, full wine glasses, box of cigars matches, ashtray and souveniers of a life spent travelling in the british empire and beyond.

Keep checking in to this page and I will add more items when I have a spare minute!

Added 02/09/2012

Quick news update: Been on holiday to Ireland for a week, been writing Featherstone Hall articles (the series is now completely written and there are still three or four issues yet to be published) and working like mad to make new season stock. I am developing a new range of 'Shabby chic' style items (I will call them Chateau Chic when I make them available for sale) which are inspired by the popular 'faded french country house' style. I have also held two Do it with Dee-Daw classes, the last on the 29th August. I did not publish the date/info on my class page as it was fully booked as soon as I had agreed the date with Patsy at PMJ Miniatures!

Will be adding a new stock list to the website soon with many new items, but too busy at the moment!

Added 17/07/2012

Just heard from Patsy at PMJ Miniatures that both August evening classes are full, however we may be able to do a second night of the chess table class if demand continues possibly on the 7th August. Please ring Patsy on 01945 582004 for more information. See the Do It With Dee-Daw page for more details of the projects planned.

Added 16/07/2012

I have started this off with bits from my current newsletter, subscribe on the home page (below the buttons on the left hand side) to get the newsletter mailed to you direct.

I will be looking into a new shop for the website over the next few weeks, as my current system takes too long to process, so hopefully by September the website will be fully functioning! I am currently working all hours (after having virtually sold out at the spring Miniatura and Kensington Dollshouse Festival in May) to build up my stock levels ready for the Autumn show season.

MINIATURA - Sept 2012

In particular Miniatura in September will be a very special show. Featherstone Hall will make its last appearance in its original state, before retiring for an overhaul and update. It will not appear again until the Featherstone Hall book is ready to launch - hopefully at the Autumn 2014 Miniatura show.

The Dee-Daw Team will be celebrating the final appearance of the house as it was created, with a limited quantity of goody bags for visitors to buy, containing a reprint of the 200th Issue article which started the series in February 2011, packs of postcards and cards featuring rooms, special cut-out sheets of items to make from the hall, a framed print from the Butlers Pantry and pair of decorative plates from the Duchess Suite.


The book will contain all of the magazine articles collected together with new material from the 'refit' and with many unseen pictures from the making process and more detail pictures of the finished house than could possibly be shown in the magazine.

I am starting to gauge interest in the book, if you would possibly be interested in a copy when it is published, please e-mail me and let me know. Click here: sales@dee-dawdesigns.com to register your interest (this does not oblige you to buy a copy) - thanks for your help, its quite a daunting thing, trying to get a book published, so your feedback is appreciated.


The Featherstone series will come to an end in the January 2013 issue of Dolls House & Miniature Scene magazine after 24 issues! Its been epic, and I'm pleased to say that DH&MS will be producing something rather special to celebrate!

There is no peace for the wicked as they say (and I must be very wicked!) as DH&MS have comissioned me to do all sorts of fantastic new projects almost monthly to the end of 2014! Although I can't spill the beans yet I can say that 'The big one' will be more of a challenge than Featherstone Hall. It will be deeper, be viewed 'in the round' and I will have to make it from scratch - not only that, but it involves a huge amount of optical illusion too...

There are also several new room box projects for me to tackle - the first will be in one of the christmas issues and will be a bit of a departure for me - my first modern scene! And as I'm getting a bit more adventurous I'm doing several box projects that I know have never been seen before. I'm also going to be writing some historical pieces which I am particularly looking forward to!


And with my spare hand... I have just confirmed two Do It With Dee-Daw Classes on the 1st and 29th of August 2012 at PMJ Miniatures, Wisbech, Cambs Click on the Do It with Dee-Daw button for more details.