Please note all stock items on this page are from 2015/16/17 and may no longer be available or are now order only as prices have changed since then or I am unable to make more as some items have been discontinued by suppliers - please email if something mentioned is not available on the
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ADDED 11/06/2017

Back updating the website in preparation to add stock for sale. More on this later, but I intend to add stock for sale direct from this site - in the same way the Featherstone Hall Hotel book is for sale. I will still feature a PDF catalogue for browsing.

ADDED 18/05/2017

I really am hopeless and this is the worst ever! I have been so busy over the last 12 months I have not had time to add a single thing to my website. This is partly down to moving house and having a large extension built on it. And as we have moved, I have had to leave my studio at the old house, and I am currently working in a rented cabin in my front garden (imagine the sort you see on building sites as offices). However, I am so fed up with not having the website up to date I have taken a couple of days off from making stock to getting it knocked back into shape.

Highlights over the last 12 months have included the following (in no particular order!) ....

Having one of my bedroom suites featured in the Steven Spielberg BFG film! (I will add a new page to this website with the full story and pictures).

I took Featherstone Hall out of storage and to a fabulous show in near Rotterdam in the Netherlands - called 'The Big Event'

The house caused such a stir that both it and I have been invited back to the next show in October this year, and they are even using images of the house to promote the show. So if any Featherstone Hall fans out there want to see it again, start planning your trip to Holland now!

I wrote a show report for Dolls House & Miniature Scene magazine about the event and here's an extract...

'The show is about an hours drive from the Rotterdam ferry terminal, and is held in a huge hall just outside the town centre of s-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch). With well over 100 stalls, the miniatures show was packed out with visitors from all over Europe. This is the second year the miniatures show has been running alongside the more established dolls and bears show, and it was so packed last year, the organisers made the all aisles a couple of feet wider this year to avoid the crush! (NOTE: the 2017 show has expanded so much there will be two halls - one for dolls and bears one for miniatures)

Never the twain!

I have exhibited in Holland for several years, so I already knew there would be no problem with language, as almost everybody speaks some English (and those who don't are with someone who does) and everyone is so friendly! However I did wonder if the show would work being combined with dolls and bears. The organisers had a simple solution - the entrance was in the centre of the hall, with miniatures on one side, and dolls and bears on the other (divided by a walkway of red carpet down the middle). Although there were a lot of 'crossover' visitors I did notice that there were more dolls and bears visitors looking at miniatures than the other way around!...

...Featherstone Hall Hotel - It has not been on show since its last visit to Miniatura in September 2013, and I was quite surprised how little I had to do to get it back in show condition - especially since it caught fire at Miniatura! All I actually needed to do was replace a few light bulbs and my husband added fused switches into all of the transformer lines to reduce the risk of another fire.

If I had a penny...

I was quite happy to allow photos of Featherstone Hall as it seems the show visitors loved it as much as the DH&MS readers - but I missed a trick - if I had asked for donations to take photos, I could have made a fortune for charity! The good news is that I have already booked my place (with Featherstone Hall) for next year - and this time I'll have a tin ready!

(Above: I took this picture just before the show started - I didn't see the house like this again until the end of the show!)

Finally, I have to confess - I did cross the red carpet and venture into the dolls and bears side of the hall, and although I had a lovely time buying dungarees and a t-shirt for my daughters bear Henry, the very first stall I saw of clear boxes with the component parts to make life size baby dolls will give me nightmares for years to come... And then there was the lady with the (doll) baby in a silver cross 50s style pram with a remote control to make it blink and move, and the little boy carrying a life size (and life like!) pot-bellied piglet wearing a hoodie and with a dummy in its mouth (the piglet not the boy!) ...I just can't wait for the next show!


I was really pleased to be invited to exhibit at the Chicago dolls house fairs in April 2018 and I'm now working out the logistics of getting there with my stock and team Dee-Daw!

The CITY OF LONDON SHOW is organised by the team behind the Kensington Dollshouse Festival and I was also quite pleased to see that a photo of my car with driver and shopping was used to promote the show in February this year.



ADDED 01/04/2016

Just a quick note to say I am at the MINIATURA show and will be adding my new stock list for online shopping next week. (And adding some news to this page too!)

ADDED 05/02/2015 - Happy New Year?

I am hopeless! Here it's February and this is my first news of the year!!!! Never mind, the good news is that there is good news, my stock list is up to date (even if I don't have at least one of everything in it in stock), and I have started work again on the Theatre Royal.

I have to admit that my 'organic' approach to the project (writing it as I make it, instead of the usual making it then writing about it) is much more difficult than I thought it would be. I am currently lining out the basic structure of the backstage area with dressing rooms, costume departments and offices. Its quite exciting but at the same time I have the weight of getting the project done for Miniatura at the end of March sitting on my shoulders. It took a lot of 'to-ing and frow-ing' between Dee-Daw Towers and Miniatura HQ to work out how we could get a stand with a front and back view for visitors, and still fit in with the Miniatura scheme - so I absolutely have to get it done in time! (more of my progress next time)

Although I have plans for a lot of new items in my range this year, I am having to add them gradually to my stock list, as I am having to divide my time between so many things, but in the meantime here are the first few pieces:

I absolutely love my white and gold banqueting table set, with matching dresser, and I have created new wall tables with electric lights to match the set. This is strictly for 'Bling' lovers and you can just imagine how wonderful it would look in a room full of mirrors and gold! (Banqueting table, chairs accessories, lights £139 Banqueting dresser including accessories £39 New wall tables including lights £29 each)

The new Cinnabar bedroom was inspired by my love of Chinese lacquer boxes, the furniture is dark red (the colour would be called 'Oxblood' if it was leather!) and has 3D panels of cherry blossom flowers. The bed has a padded headboard and quilt in a stunning vintage Chinese brocade, and highlighted with vivid turquoise sheets and lampshades (on electric lamps) the complete set is £79.

My absolute favourite new piece has to be the chateau chic tea trolley! It is dressed with the same items as the mahogany version, but the trolley is painted white and accented with gold distressing, as well as having coloured details on the silver tea set. the Mahogany trolley is complete at £29 and the new Chateau trolley is £34.

Once I have completed some more work on the Theatre I will update this page with my progress.