I started this as a news and updates page, but I chatted on so much I have been reliably informed by my IT department that its a BLOG (but I still I think diary is better!)

ADDED 07/10/2018
Just updated the rest of the site and so finally have time to add some more pictures of my summer commissions! But I'm starting with a picture of my Europa Fireplace I made for Miniatura - Its the first time that all of the ornaments, the fire and the clock on one of my fireplaces has been manufactured, painted and decorated by me!

I have to admit to being rather pleased with it and will be offering sets of ornaments in different colours soon. Please email if you would like to be notified as soon as the first sets are ready, or would like a particular colour set making up.

 I absolutely love the dresser below especially as the whole top half of the furniture is 3D printed!



ADDED 01/10/2018

After having created a catalogue straight after Miniatura I am exhausted! However I am now facing a month of special commissions and making stock for my November shows. My plan for the summer to work on commissions went so well I'm not doing any shows in October to enable me to do more! In the meantime here are some of my most spectacular pieces from this summer:


Above a very special version of my Europa Fireplace - now residing in Wales - in the blingyest house in all the world
Below: The matching banqueting table to the fireplace above  

Below: A really pretty cream mirror bar - now in Ireland
 Below: Cream Hamilton Credenza - this was collected at Miniatura - but as I loved it so I was showing it around - and everyone who saw it has ordered one for  themselves!

 Below: This mirror lined open fronted cabinet let me give in to my passion for gilt and crystal ornaments, and finished with Limoges style panels on the sides.

 More pieces will be added later this week......



ADDED 27/06/2018

 Back from Miniatura but having problems reopening my shop!

ADDED 07/06/2018

With York show over, I feel like a kid who has just broken up from school for the summer - Ye ha! (lol) 

Since Miniatura in March I have come to realise that, try as I might I cannot burn the candle at both ends - doing shows and commissions at the same time. So this year I have taken the decision change the way I work, putting June through to September aside for commissions and new product development. I will still be making stock for the Dee-Daw online shop which is open 24/7 - as well as for the next show season (September to December) - but the priority will be commissions.

This also gives me the opportunity to let people know I do commissions and can undertake any special items needed. I can also make matching items to those already purchased - so do feel free to get in touch either from this website's contact page or at

I operate a no obligation commission process - so you can ask me to make something, we agree a brief and, once the item is finished, I send you a picture and only then do you make the decision to buy or not. If yes - I send a Paypal electronic invoice and once paid, post worldwide. If you decide its not what you want I simply add the item to my stock - no problem.


The other big news from Dee-Daw HQ is the arrival in the online shop of my first 3D printed products. I first started making vintage packaging and stone glaze items for my dressers and stoves, but the detail on them was so appreciated by customers that I decided to launch these sets.


Above: 15pc Vintage Accessories set
- Available from the SMALLSORTS page of the online shop


Above: 8pc Stone Glaze set
- Available from the SMALLSORTS page of the online shop

I made up a few sets for York show to try out reaction to them and almost sold out! Needless to say the printer is buzzing and beeping away on the next batch! Although 3D printing is the exciting part of the process, pieces have to painted and labels applied by hand too - but to see a product through from drawing board to customer is a great feeling and I can't wait to do more - see the 3D printing page for more details!

ADDED 15/05/2018

RIGHT: That's Kensington show done - only York to go before the end of the Spring/Summer show season! I have reopened the website shop which is packed with stock already, although there are a few more zeros on the available items than I would like! so I'm busy photographing some new items to add tomorrow (ish!)

I have some great plans to improve the way I work and the services I provide which I will elaborate on once I have the shop full and a newsletter out to subscribers.

In the meantime a piece of stock which will not make it onto the website, but is too good not to put a picture online is this Art Deco Bedroom I made for the Kensington Show.

ABOVE: The Courthauld Art Deco bedroom, inspired by Eltham Palace.

I had the bedroom suite and the fabric in stock for years (really) waiting for the time to do it - I finally got round to it the week before the show, and I was so pleased with the finished effect I was tempted to keep it for a bit before selling it! But I thought it would look great on my stand as its so different from what I normally do, and took it to Kensington, thinking Art Deco is a niche market I might not sell it (you'd never think I was in business would you). It was on my stand less than an hour before it was snapped up by a lady who adored it as much as I did! I now have a dilemma - the furniture is still available (although the fabric isn't) should I do another one?

There was a great deal of interest in my new 3D printed accessories and I think I will be bringing forward my plans to sell them as finished sets and as DIY sets - hopefully I'll have some ready for York show. The nice thing is that I had a good look around at Kensington and no-one else is doing that sort of thing - and I have so many plans for new products it may delay me starting to produce my own doll designs!

First things first though - I need to get stock into the shop and get organised after the show! now hwere's my camera!

ADDED 09/05/2018

Its definitely show season. My last post was 'just back from Miniatura' and now this one is 'just back from Pudsey'

But seriously - Pudsey was really busy for me- so I'm now working twice as hard trying to get ready for Kensington! The fun side is I have some great new delivery trucks in stock and they will soon be followed with another 'Geoffrey's Bric a Brac' Model T Ford (sold the Kensington one at Pudsey!) and hopefully a couple off for a picnic in the 1903 green Roll Royce if I have time! I love doing 'Geoffery's Bric a Brac' as I hang a little sign on the front of the car saying: Tat Bought - Antiques Sold

I also have a vintage fire engine still to do but that will have to wait till the autumn show - I have great plans for it - including a separate fireman with a ladder and a cat hanging off it!

In the meantime I have been fighting a running battle with my 3D printer - but more on that on the new dedicated 3D PRINTING page!



ADDED 26/03/2018


Just back from an amazingly busy Miniatura! I feel absolutely shattered, and now I need to start all over again making stock ready for the Kensington Dollshouse Festival in May.

Unfortunately although I have just opened my shop on the this website, I have had to go through the pages and put in some zero's on a few stock levels! The good thing is I will be shortly making more stock and if you want something currently showing out of stock on the website please email and I'll put you top of the list to let you know when its available again!

I am hoping to have a relaxed couple of days to do some gardening in the spring sunshine - before the classic wet Easter bank holiday weekend and then I'll get back to the making more miniatures!

I will try next time to start and add something about my latest efforts with my 3D printer. I am currently learning how to use it and have successfully made several accessories - although long term I would like to do bigger items including my own design dolls.

More on that later.....

Above: One of my first attempts at a selection of accessories.


ADDED 23/03/2018

Just updated the main pages of the website to say I am at the Miniatura show and will have a new SHOP on this website available after the show on MONDAY 26TH MARCH. The shop has been loaded with stock and regular visitors may have caught a glimpse of what is available - but the official opening is Monday!


 ADDED 04/03/2018

I have finally knuckled under and put some time into getting a working shop up and running on my website! It has taken much longer than I thought it would (doesn't it always with computer based stuff!) but I now have a good amount of stock online to buy, and some new editorial content about projects - See the new BFG and updated Theatre Royal project pages.

Now that the shop is up and running it will be much easier to add new pieces as I make them, and I will email newsletter subscribers each time I do this - I will also be sending out a newsletter to subscribers to let them know the shop is now online. To join the newsletter list simply add fill in the MAILING LIST form on this, the Home or Get in Touch pages.

I have plans to add  more pages which will feature my room box projects - but at the moment I am mentally exhausted and need to make stock for Miniatura at the end of this month! (as well a s quite a few commission pieces which are being picked up at the show!)