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The Europa fireplace is made to order only - as it takes longer to do than the other fireplaces, and  is why it shows as zero stock. Please email should you require one.

This fireplace is made by Julie Jackson and is exclusive to Dee-Daw Designs.

The Europa Fireplace is in the baroque style (early 17th until the late 18th century - It followed Renaissance style and preceded the Neoclassical). The brick backed hearth holds a highly decorated electric fire basket.

On one side is a large and ornate helmet style coal scuttle and on the other side is an iron and brass set if fire irons. the body of the fireplace is a rich cream with warm yellow panels and over painted with gold. The overmantle frame holds a print on canvas of Europa Mother of king Minos of Crete.

The print is illuminated by two wall lights which hang above the mantlepiece.

On the mantle is an ornate silver/gilt clock a pair of hand painted ornaments and pair of silver gilt floral ornaments.

The Europa Fireplace is 155mm wide 50mm deep and 205mm high

(+ postage: £6.65)


The Georgian period (between 1714 and 1830) had many varying styles but the best known was based on the classical architecture and art of ancient Greece and Rome.

This georgian fireplace references this and has a split pediment and two simple columns supporting the mantle. Each one is individuallly painted to look like Portland stone. 

Portland stone was used to build the Palace of Westminster in 1347, and the Tower of London in 1349. Sir Christopher Wren used nearly one million cubic feet  of it to build St Pauls Cathedral after the Great Fire of London in 1666. Buckingham palace was faced with Portland stone in 1854.

On the mantle is a large domed clock, a pair of 18th century style figures with crystal effect vases in front of two wall mounted electric lights.

There is a Georgian style electric fire basket in the brick backed hearth, flanking the fire is a brass coal scuttle and set of iron and brass fire irons on a stand.

The Fireplace measures 125mm wide 210mm high 60mm deep

(+ postage: £6.65)


This fireplace is made by Julie Jackson and is exclusive to Dee-Daw Designs.

The silver gilt Fireplace is available in two colours - Cream and Dark Burgundy and is called silver gilt because of the accessories on it. It is Baroque in style and all of the gold accents are hand painted.

It has a huge mantle mirror which makes it ideal to place at the back of a room to reflect light and room contents before it.

The mantlepiece holds two crystal shaded lamps, a silver gilt clock and pair of crystal vase ornaments, a second pair of floral ornaments stands behind the clocks.

The fireplace is xxmm wide xxmm high xxmm deep.

NOTE: Currently only the Burgundy option is available - I'll add the Cream as soon as I've made some!

(+ postage: £6.65)


The Harewood fireplace is named after Harwood House,which was decorated by Robert Adam in 1765. The fireplace reflects fashionable colour schemes of the time and can be painted to match any existing scheme (please email for details).

The fireplace has a fendered hearth holding an electric fire and full coal bucket. On the mantlpiece is a clock, pair of hand painted ornaments to match the fire colour scheme, and pair of electric lamps with crystal effect shades.

The 'Adam' style is an 18th-century neoclassical style of interiors and architecture, as practised by Scottish brothers Robert (1728–1792) and JamesAdam (1732–1794).

The Adam brothers aimed to simplify the previously fashionable Rococo and Baroque styles to bring a lighter and more elegant feel to Georgian houses infuenced by Ancient roman and Greek styles. (Interest in the Adam style was revived in the late Victorian and Edwardian eras, initiated by items exhibited at the Paris Exposition of 1867).

The Adam brothers were the first to advocate an integrated style for architecture and interiors; with walls, ceilings, fireplaces, furniture, fixtures, fittings and carpets all being designed by the Adams as a single uniform scheme.

The Adam style found its niche from the late 1760s in upper-class and middle-class residences in 18th-century England, Scotland, and Russia (where it was introduced by Scottish architect Charles Cameron), and post-revolution United States (where it became known as Federal style and took on a variation of its own). The style was superseded from around 1795 onwards by the Regency and French Empire styles.

(+ postage: £6.65)


Like the Harewood fireplace this baroque inspired fireplacecan be produced in any colour to match an existing scheme. (Please email for details).

Distinctive features of the Baroque style include the opulent use of colour and ornaments (putti or figures made of wood (often gilded), plaster or stucco, marble or faux finishing) and was popular in the great houses of England from around 1666 to 1720.

The Marlborough fireplace has a large  black iron electric grate, overmantle mirror and mantlepiece with large ceramic effect clock hand painted in the Meissen style with two figures in 18th century costume. To each side of the clock are a apir of coloured glass vases with gilt mounts and a pair of electric lamps with hand painted bases and crystal shades.

The fireplace is xxmm high xxmm wide and xxmm deep

(+ postage: £6.65)


The mahogany tiled fireplace is ideal for an Edwardian or late victorian room set. It features an electric fire nestled into a tiled alcove.

The mantlepiece holds a large domed clock, pair of cranberry pink glass dishes and a pair of electric oil lamps.

The fireplace measures xxmm wide xxmm high and xxmm deep

(+ postage: £6.65)