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The perfect finishing touch for (almost!) any room.

This tea trolley is packed with cakes on a china cake stand, a silver teaset (with ebonised handles) stands ready to serve.

The first cake has been cut and has a lace napkin next to it while below are the rest of the serving plates and napkins - with an emergency cake (just in case!)

The trolly (and contents) measure 90mm wide 90mm high and 45mm wide.

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(+ postage of £4.40)

This neat little mahogany sewing table holds

an electric oil lamp,

sewing box with opening lid and drawer,


fabric swatches,


a packet of needles'

tape measure,

all sitting on a lace cloth.

The table measures (including accessories) 110mm high 60mm wide and 60mm deep.

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This stunning working grandfather clock has hand painted sky blue colour accents with hand applied gilt details and picture panels of an 18th century garden.

The pendulum is fixed in position and is viewed through the glass fronted door (non opening)

The clock face is similar to a watch mechanism and just pushes into the face of the clock. It has a knob to pull out the change the time and runs on a standard watch battery.

The clock measures 40mm wide, 25mm deep and 170mm high.

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Demi Lune tables are very useful pieces for hallways, either side of a fireplace or at the top of a flight of stairs. They look even more imposing with a grand gilt mirror behind them to refelct the (included) candelabra. The candelabra is separate to make this even more versatile.

The table is rich mahogany, with gilt stringing on the legs, an embossed gilt band around the top and marquetry and gilt fan panel on the top of the table.

The table including candelabra is 120mm high 80mm wide and 30mm deep.

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The Roccoco wall table is a ststement piece for any grand house, usefull in hallways, on staircases, in ballrooms, to flank a dresser, buffet or fireplace.

The wall table is cream with hand painted gols scroolwork and applied embossed gilt bands. The top is hand painted faux marble in rich cream, and the table is topped with a huge mirror (fixed to the table) complete with twin electric light fitting.

This item can be made to order in custom colourways. Please email for details.

The table (including mirror) is 170mm high 65mm wide and 40mm deep.

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These lamps are a new addition to my range due to popular demand - I'm forever asked at shows if I sell the lamps from my banqueting tables separately - and now I do.

They come as a pair with removeable shades to enable changing the lightbulb when needed.

Each lamp measures 50mm high 28mm wide and 28mm deep.

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