I started this as a news and updates page, but I chatted on so much I have been reliably informed by my IT department that its a BLOG (but I still I think diary is better!)

ADDED 26/03/2018


Just back from an amazingly busy Miniatura! I feel absolutely shattered, and now I need to start all over again making stock ready for the Kensington Dollshouse Festival in May.

Unfortunately although I have just opened my shop on the this website, I have had to go through the pages and put in some zero's on a few stock levels! The good thing is I will be shortly making more stock and if you want something currently showing out of stock on the website please email and I'll put you top of the list to let you know when its available again!

I am hoping to have a relaxed couple of days to do some gardening in the spring sunshine - before the classic wet Easter bank holiday weekend and then I'll get back to the making more miniatures!

I will try next time to start and add something about my latest efforts with my 3D printer. I am currently learning how to use it and have successfully made several accessories - although long term I would like to do bigger items including my own design dolls.

More on that later.....

Above: One of my first attempts at a selection of accessories.


ADDED 23/03/2018

Just updated the main pages of the website to say I am at the Miniatura show and will have a new SHOP on this website available after the show on MONDAY 26TH MARCH. The shop has been loaded with stock and regular visitors may have caught a glimpse of what is available - but the official opening is Monday!


 ADDED 04/03/2018

I have finally knuckled under and put some time into getting a working shop up and running on my website! It has taken much longer than I thought it would (doesn't it always with computer based stuff!) but I now have a good amount of stock online to buy, and some new editorial content about projects - See the new BFG and updated Theatre Royal project pages.

Now that the shop is up and running it will be much easier to add new pieces as I make them, and I will email newsletter subscribers each time I do this - I will also be sending out a newsletter to subscribers to let them know the shop is now online. To join the newsletter list simply add fill in the MAILING LIST form on this, the Home or Get in Touch pages.

I have plans to add  more pages which will feature my room box projects - but at the moment I am mentally exhausted and need to make stock for Miniatura at the end of this month! (as well a s quite a few commission pieces which are being picked up at the show!)