I was so proud when one of my bedroom suites was used in the dolls house which features in the Steven Spielberg version of Roald Dahl's 'The BFG' film!


 I had been contacted by a film company in Vancouver, Canada, late in 2015, and they bought several room sets from me, I did a little research on the film project name provided, and realised that it could be the Steven Spielberg version of The BFG by Roald Dhal.

I contact the buyer and asked if she could confirm the name of the film - as it was one of my daughters favourite stories and would earn me a lot of brownie points! The reply came back that, although she could not confirm the film name, my daughter would be happy. And that was all I knew until we went to the cinema to see the film.


With fingers crossed I had a giant(!) surprise when I took my daughter Sophie to see the film at her local cinema. About 10 minutes into the film, the little girl (also called Sophie) goes up to a dolls house, opens the doors, the shot moves over, and there, across the full cinema screen was a bedroom suite I had made. It was so funny - the cinema was silent - I saw my bedroom suite - and I squeaked out loud!

I was so excited when we came out of the show that I bought one of the cinema posters as a souvenir - this also meant I stayed behind after the show finished and didn't have to face all the people who turned to look at me when I squeaked at a totally uncalled for moment in the film!''


 Above: The bedroom set actually used in the film.

The poster, and some leftover scraps of fabric and the DVD of the film are my only  souvenirs of the event, as I used the last of that fabric to make two bedroom sets (one was sold to the film and the other sold to a dealer in America - before I knew it was being used in the film) and not only that, but the furniture set has been discontinued!

But it has to be my best 'famous for five minutes' story (more like five seconds actually!)